Yes indeed, Mike “Nova Casanova crushed the competition at Friday night’s rail event. It was evident from the get go that Casanova would win. Todd Richards was one of the announcers and during practice he was saying “Mike, it is just practice, you can’t win yet.

Before we delve into the details too much, we’ll start by saying that Tahoe got some serious dumpage before, during and after this event. So much so that pipe practice was shut down and Slopestyle practice was limited to the dedicated few. Most of the contestants were out riding pow all day. Mason Aguirre said “I have been riding pow with Jack (Mitrani) since 9 a.m.—it’s so sick. I myself even managed to shred a fluff run with Don Bostick, the head of World Cup Snowboarding. After riding pow until my legs fell off it was time to go check out the rail jam.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Tahoe Cup is a huge contest thrown by Vans. Pretty much everyone (rider wise) comes to the event and it is so fun to watch. The vibe is casual and it is always cool to see your favorite riders up close. One star that was not present was Shaun White however. It was said that he opted to attend the Academy Awards instead. We will keep you updated as we learn the truth. The railjam tonight is the first of three events this weekend with slopestyle and pipe following. There is also night life to match “I am going to the Tahoe Biltmore to gamble and smoke cigs said Dave Schiff.

The set up was tight—about thirty stairs big with a kinked handrail, flat-down box and round down rail. The women went first and they were looking smooth with front boards and other such trickery. Leanne Pelosi was not quite as far ahead of the pack in the ladies division but she was still a clear winner. By the time the men were ready to start their finals, the crowd was lubed up, AC/DC was blaring and the contestants were in full attack mode. As mentioned earlier Michael Casanova was the clear winner from the start. He did so many 180-on and 270-on combo’s that I couldn’t keep up. We are Nova was on fire—front board and switch front board through the kink, and cab 270 to back lip on the down rail—just to name a few. Darrell Mathes and Lucas Magoon put in good efforts but not enough to topple Casanova. Lucas had a deep bag of tricks but Darrell snatched second place.

The weather is supposed to clear up after snowing all night. Tomorrow will be an insane powder day and hopefully the Slopestyle course will be in tip-top shape.



1. Mike Casanova (Breckenridge, CO) $15,000
2. Darrell Mathes (Lake Oswego, OR) $8,000
3. Lucas Magoon (Rutland, VT) $4,000

Danny Rein $4,000 for Tylenol “Fight through the Pain Award


1. Leanne Pelosi (Calgary, CAN) $2,000* plus $4,000 bonus from Tylenol

Click here for videographic coverage of the event!