Vail’s Spring Bash

In a farewell to winter and welcome of the coming of spring, Vail held their season-ending event, Revolution Spring, last Saturday. The event featured a Jib Jam contest where snowboarders slid the 36 foot kinked rail, borrowed from the Golden Peak Terrain Park, for an hour of friendly competition in the sun. Temps in (what felt like) the 80s, added to the spring-like atmosphere and gave the riders a perfect, slushy, soft landing.

But, perhaps the real story is in the trees, as locals know the real celebration began a few weeks ago where a few highly motivated riders created their own jib to jam. Hidden safely between two very popular groomer runs on Vail’s front side, 2 locals spent several days constructing a roller coaster logslide from fallen timber. For weeks they rewardingly sessioned the log in sweet privacy until it made it’s debut at yet another local’s ‘secret’, the real traditional spring party on Vail mountain, BB&B. No one knows for sure what all those B’s stand for, Beer? Boomers? Boobs? But on this particular day, one of them surely stood for boardslide.