Name: “Uh, what? Oh yeah, huh huh huh. Rodd Richards.”
Age: “Whoa, like, old enough. Hey, you got a sister?”
Sponsors: “No way this dude’s selling out to The Man. Hey, can I borrow a dollar?”
Years snowboarding: “Long time, brah. Hey, seriously, you got a dollar?”
Home: “Whereever the tasty waves are.”
Height: “Um, I’m not good with numbers.”
Weight: “Whoa, dude, what is this? The Spanish Intermission?”
Stance: “My stance on what? Like politics? Dude, I’m not good with that stuff, either.”
Forward lean: “Lean forward? What kind of interview is this? Man, once along time ago-like last week-I got busted coming back over the border, and they made me lean forward. Yup, had me grab my ankles, too. Huh huh, that sucked.”
Board: “Just free room and board-know what I mean? Hey, where you going?”
Boots: “Don’t wear shoes, man.”
Bindings: “Like S&M type shit?”
Personal settings: “Dude, I just put it on cruise control and see what happens. Damn, you see that chick? Think she was fifteen?”
Tuning techniques: “Tools scare me-you have to do work to use tools, right?”
Favorite surf slang: “‘Beat it, kook!’ At least that’s the one I hear the most.”