a WE’VE GOT A PULSE! A living, seething, beating month in the life of Mack Dawg Productions.
By Chris Coyle

When most people think of Mt. Hood, images of half-naked, sun-baked pros wingin’ themselves outta Timberline’s perfect summer pipes come to mind. But those who live there know that’s only half the story. While T-line is the June to August hotspot, the other side of White River Canyon is alive with activity during spring. For just over that gouge in the mountain lies Mt. Hood Meadows. After closing for the season, every year “Shreadows” teams up with Mack Dawg Productions to build some of the biggest jumps since Evel Knievel tried gappin’ the Snake River.

Now don’t go buying a plane ticket just yet-this month-long session is invite-only, meaning that unless you’re down with MDP, there’s about a glazed doughnut’s chance at a fat farm of strolling right in. Luckily, we know a few dudes in the biz with cameras-like Kevin Zacher.

Here are some of our favorite images taken during the ’02 sessions. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If not, rip out a couple pages, roll them up real tight, and cram ’em right … we think you get the point.