Interview: Cody Dresser

Dang, how much does a ’62 Chevy Impala drop-top command?
I bought it from an old lady in Sacramento, California for only ten grand. I’d been searching for a ’62 convertible for over two years. They were all trashed and rusted out, or in mint condition for about 25-thousand-and you can’t park those at the grocery store.

But does it have the power top?

Was it love at first sight?
I was on a snowboarding trip, so I bought the car without even seeing it. My dad went and checked it out-made sure the body was straight and there was no rust. I wired the money that day, and he drove it home for me.

Must be good for pickin’ up men.
Yep-I can fit about six guys in there.

Better than a puppy?
Not better, but better for now. I’m on the road so much.

And under the hood?
A Chevy 350 V-8.

How many miles?
Just 40-thousand. It’s a summer car, so I don’t put on many miles.

Drop the daily driver on us.
An ’01 Mercedes Benz ML320.

I’ve seen this Impala in Mammoth.
Yeah, I drove there once and it wasn’t the greatest trip-I broke my ankle the first day. Marc Frank took me to the hospital in it-at least I showed up in style, right?

What custom stuff have you done?
None-sorry, Cody, no hydraulics.

Any restoration work?
I put new tuck ‘n’ roll on the interior, new carpet, and replaced several chrome pieces around the grill. Work was done on the front end after blowing a tire on the way to the summer X-Games in San Diego. I was on the rim for two miles before I could pull off that seven lane freeway-it was all messed up. The wheels are chromed smoothies, and it has a Pioneer CD player with Boston Acoustic speakers.

That’s a huge trunk.
One year I took it to Mt. Hood, and fit about ten snowboards back there.

How many ladies pack in this thing on a Friday night?
At least nine with the top down.