V16N07 – What The Pros Are Rockin’: Bjorn Leines

Name: Bjorn Leines
Age: 25
Sponsors: Forum, Volcom, Oakley, Celtek, Circa, Wildcats, Polaris
Years snowboarding: 12
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 159 lbs.
Stance: Regular, around 22 inches wide, with fifteen or eighteen degrees in the front and negative-nine or -eleven in the back.
Forward lean: Just enough to feel the highback.
Board: I used to only ride a 156 cm, but now I get to have a quiver-full-152 for jibbin’, 156 for everywhere, 158 for mountain and pipe/park, 160 for big mountain, 165 for deep pow.
Boots: BJL Forums, size nine-usually the black ones.
Bindings: Forum ATE or ATP in black and silver.
Personal settings: I use custom footbeds-this guy made ’em in a garage at Mt. Hood. Everyone should definitely have them-think about it.
Tuning techniques: I always dull my edges around the nose and tail. My ’52 is dulled up for jibbin’, ’56 dulled enough, ’58 usually a fine-tune, ’60 dulled lightly, and the ’65 just guns.
Favorite rail spot: Home.