V16N05 – Forward: Marc Frank Montoya

By Chris Coyle

It’s hard to not write an ass-kissing piece on someone like Marc, partly because I don’t want to get a curb sandwich from several large Denver gangsters, but mostly because snowboarding needs more people like him. While the rest get caught up in the fashion-induced whirlwind of change, Marco has remained the same and always will. Why? I’ll tell you-because this is no act, he’s straight up the real deal. What you see is honestly Marc Frank, Cadillac, baby-momma and all.

Just in case you’re Amish or just haven’t been paying attention for the last ten years, let me break it down for you: Marc’s snowboarding talents can be summed up in two words-flawless style. None of that fake-ass, trying to be dope, over-steezin’ that’s been going down lately. Sometimes it looks as if he’s about to fluff up a pillow and start napping mid-stunt. The man has a knack for making the simplest tricks unforgettable. Check out his part in Happy Hour. The first three shots are straight airs. But do you even notice?

His off-hill persona echoes that of his on-snow, that is, he truly doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. At a time when most other pros ride the image-equals-money median, all scared of pissing off the media, he publicly chastised an entire film company for cutting his part a couple seasons ago. He even went as far as to chase filmers off of jumps in the Utah backcountry.

Over the years M.F.M. has never been shy about calling things as he sees them. Don’t take that the wrong way-once you’re down with Marc, you’re down for life. It’s just that once you make the list, you’d better watch your neck, or you might get a big ol’ Latino karate chop straight to the throat.