Graphic: 1999/2000 Morrow Escape Series
Designer: Joe Sorren
Age: 32
Occupation: Making pictures
Homestead: Flagstaff, Arizona
Art education: Northern Arizona University
So what’s the story behind this graphic?
Jeff Bartel,Morrow’s art director at the time, called me up and we worked out ideas for this series of boards. It was my third year of doing it by this point. The idea was to imagine that you’ve walked into a party or celebration that has lost its collective mind. It was done in acrylic on canvas.
What was the design process like?
Jeff just asked for ideas, and then we went with it. That’s what was so cool about working with Morrow. They trust people enough to take the leash off.
Would you do it again?
Certainly. I think the shape of a snowboard deck is an incredible format to work with. Designing one is sort of like stealing slivers of other pictures that don’t yet exist.
Have you ridden any boards you helped bring to life?
No. I haven’t snowboarded since the days I worked at TransWorld. The crowds and expense of going to our local mountain stinks, whereas I can go out the front door with my skate and do some downhill or go to the park or whatever. It’s free-no hassle and no extra-stupid accessories, either.
What kinds of things inspire you?
Salt does. So does an old book, or pretending I can fly.
Any thing else you want to add about the graphic?
Uh, it’s like a yam, as opposed to finding things under other things, okay?