V16N04 – Dumped & Kitted With Peter Line

Make and model?
Cadillac Escalade

What’s the difference between an Escalade, Suburban, or Yukon?
The Escalade is obviously a Cadillac, so it’s cooler than a GMC or Chevy. It’s way more luxed out inside and has a bigger 345 horsepower engine. I’ve also got an aftermarket exhaust.

You color-keyed the body?
Yeah, it’s black-like, black, black. Even the grill and logos.

Nice dubs.
They’re 20-inch Throttles by Niche, powder-coated black to cover up the bling factor.

Do you drive it in the snow?
I will. The tires are all-weather, but the tread looks a little questionable-I’m going to have to get new tires for the winter.

Has it been lowered?
Hell no.

Which one gets more looks-the Benzo or this Caddie?
The Benz-40-year-old dudes were always checkin’ out the CLK, all jealous they couldn’t afford one. I loved the looks on their faces when they saw some young punk kid driving their dream car. I used to get the “f-kin’ rich kid” look from everyone-then I sold it.

Can you get chicks just ’cause of a car?
You can, but I don’t have player game, and I hate flaunting my shit. The dude who’s completely obvious about showing off his car sucks.

Ever feel self-conscious about driving such a macked-out rig?
All the time-but it’s usually dirty, and the windows are tinted. It’s pretty hard to tell how sick it is-or how weenie the driver is. It’s scary rolling downtown late at night sometimes.

Trucks or cars?
I like trucks better-if any shit goes down, you can always 4X4 off into the woods. You also don’t have to worry so much about hitting curbs and small animals.

Break down the stereo and DVD systems.
Eric Rosenthall at Pacific Coast Motoring in Los Angeles hooked me up with all the goods. I’ve got an Alpine IVA-C800 CD/monitor main unit, and an Alpine DVA-5205 in-dash DVD/CD player. They custom built two Kicker Solo-barick ten-inch subwoofers into the back, with Kicker ZX460, and ZR600 amps. It has TV screens in both headrests, PlayStation 2, a built-in Cobra radar detector, and an Alpine alarm. The Caddie comes with OnStar navigation.

Didn’t you get the stuff for a DUB mag feature?
Yeah, but I never really heard if they used it. Pacific Coast Motoring (pacificcoastmotoring.com) set it all up-those guys rock.