Utah Bill To Outlaw Non-releasable Bindings Dead

According to Ski Utah’s and Burton Snowboard’s Legal Council and Lobbyist Gordon Strachan, a Bill that could have made it illegal to sell non-releasable snowboard bindings in the state of Utah is dead. After picking up support in a House of Representatives standing committee, the Bill was killed in the House during discussion on Friday, February 25.

The Bill was sponsored by Representative Katherine Bryson, a Republican who represents District 60 in the area of West Orem, Utah. Introduced into the House on January 27, H.B. 332 was titled Release Binding Technology on Snowboards and Ski-boards and stated: “It is a violation of this chapter for a supplier to sell or rent a snowboard, ski-board, or similar product as part of a consumer transaction unless the supplier: (a) offers release binding technology for the snowboard or ski-board to the consumer; and (b) provides notice to the consumer of the risks associated with nonrelease bindings in accordance with standards established by rule.”

What was first seen as a joke by many in the snowboard industry, became a serious issue as the Bill was approved by a Utah House of Representatives standing committee and moved to the full House for a vote.

While slow to see the threat, the snowboard industry quickly rallied to fight the Bill that could have had widespread negative affect on the entire sport. A coalition was quickly put together by different industry organizations including the Snowsports Industries Association, snowboard equipment manufacturers, Ski Utah, and others.

Snowboarding Business will have a full report shortly.