USASA To Certify Instructors, Coaches, Judges

Snowboard educators and instructors join USASA Trainers to advance the sport.

TRUCKEE, Calif. (March 28, 2003)—USASA Trainers, formed by United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) in fall of 2002, continues to grow, build membership and benefit novice and expert riders. Today, USASA Trainers anticipates meeting its goal of 1,200 by the beginning of 2003/2004 season. The USASA Trainers consists of snowboard instructors, coaches and judges and technical supervisors throughout the United States.

“We have had a need for a comprehensive snowboard certification program with a unified approach to prepare riders of all ages and abilities to compete in local, national and international events,” said Gordon Robbins, USUSA Trainers. “Our goal remains to develop a quality certification program that benefits riders throughout the U.S. We are providing trainers with the fundamental tools and skills to assist in further developing the sport of snowboarding. They are more marketable at resorts and have higher recognition from parents, event planners, riders and teams.”

The 13th Annual USASA National Championship began this week at Sunday River, Maine. Approximately 800 USASA Regional Series Directors, instructors, judges, coaches and technical supervisors have been certified by the USASA Trainers.

“This week at USASA Nationals, we have seen an increase in ability from riders who have been instructed by certified USASA Trainer members,” said Don Bostick, Technical Supervisor Directors. “There is a huge talent of snowboarders in the United States, we are working to provide a solid foundation for these riders to cultivate their skills whether they are young or old, beginners or advanced. Our success is based on the satisfied riders who are instructed or coached by certified USASA Trainer members.”

USASA Trainer Division member are required to be formally certified at one of the clinics organized at various resorts in the U.S. Each of the certification clinics are instructed by staff from the USASA Technical Commission.

Founded in 1988, USASA helps standardize the rules of snowboard competition, administrators USASA events and provides a solid foundation for young athletes to build skills to compete on a local, national and international level. Today, the snowboard association represents over 4,000-plus members and organizes over 400 events throughout the year. USASA members have included Olympic medal winners; Ross Powers, Danny Kass, J.J. Thomas, and Chris Klug, as well as Tommy Czeschin.

For more information about the new USASA Trainer division and specific certification programs or to learn more about becoming a USASA member or participating in a snowboard event in your area, visit the USASA Web site at

USASA events and programs are made possible through the support and participation of the competitors, their families, sponsors and the area resorts. The 2003 USASA National Championship was made possible through the support of Sunday River, Maine, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, DaKine, Smith, Ride, Quicksilver, Banana Boat, Cold As Ice, Velvet, Stomp, Wigwam, Clucky and Poorboy Wax.

United States of America Snowboard Association is the largest snowboard organization dedicated to supporting recreational and competitive snowboarding and freestyle skiing within 34 regions throughout the United States of America. Since 1988, USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organization that allows men and women, and boys and girls of all ages and abilities to participate in over 400 organized snowboard events that qualify for national and international competition. USASA Trainers supports educational programs throughout the year and organizes snowboard clinics hosted at various resorts in the U.S. These clinics serve as training for instructors, coaches, judges and technical supervisors to help provide Fair, Safee, and Fun events.