USASA Signs Black Otter Marketing

June 19, 2002

TRUCKEE, Calif. (June 01, 2002)–United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) announced the selection of Black Otter Marketing to handle its marketing services and sponsorship management. Black Otter Marketing will be responsible for selling and managing corporate sponsor packages, providing marketing strategy, and executing the various marketing initiatives of the USASA that will continue to build the sports organizations brand.

“The continued growth of the sport of snowboarding and the United States Snowboard team success during the 2002 Olympic Games has increased interest of sponsorship by corporate America, said Tom Collins, Executive Director, USASA. “We felt it was the right time to bring in a professional company to manage the sponsorship agreements and negotiations. This gives our organization the time and energy to design quality snowboard events throughout the US for participants of all ages to compete.

“Black Otter Marketing provides an all-encompassing approach that allows USASA to manage the sponsorship acquisition and sponsor needs effectively and maintain a high-standard of the grassroots aspects of the sport while keeping the best interests of the USASA in mind, said Jack Manheimer, President, USASA. “The Black Otter Marketing team has an individualized approach to marketing and an experienced team who can effectively deliver sponsors looking to interact with a key audience and maintain a positive relationship between USASA and the sponsors.

USASA maintains a membership of 4,000 who compete in over 360 events at 80 resorts throughout the US. 1,139 competitors attended the 2002 USASA National Championship at Mammoth Mountain. This is the world’s largest snowboard event. As the national representatives for the International Snowboard Federation (ISF) in the United States, USASA helps standardize the rules of snowboard competition, assists in the administration of ISF events in the US and provides a solid foundation for young athletes to build skills to compete on a national and international competitive ground. USASA members have included Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal winners; Ross Powers, Danny Kass, J.J. Thomas, and Chris Klug, as well as Tommy Czeschin.

United States of America Snowboard Association is dedicated to supporting recreational and competitive snowboarding within 34 regions throughout the United States of America. Since 1988, USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organization that allows men and women, and boys and girls of all ages and abilities to participate in over 360 organized snowboard events in five kinds of events that qualify for national and international competitions.

The USASA also educates with regional clinics the judges, coaches and series directors in holding Fair, Safe, Fun events.


For USASA sponsorship information contact: Kristin McCallum at 248-444-9899 or Tom Collins at 800-404-9213 Additional USASA information is available at: