USASA Nationals Rail Jam and Slopestyle Finals.

Bryan Ferrell flips while people watch. You know that people are watching because the sign is dictating where you are allowed to watch from.
Chase DeMeulenaere is wicked high.
Asher Humphreys with that classic style.
Look! A slopestyle course!
Alicia Tong pressing on the down box.
Windham Miller spinning upside down. Incredible!
Benny Milam launching one of the slope jumps.
Elan Cohen may be young, but at least he can method.
Kyla Sobieralski is not scared to hit the big side.
The skier was very impressed with Corey Steinke. Hell, who wouldn't be.
Joss McAlpin coming around.
Jedidiah Sky has a cool name.
Joss McAlpin spinning and twisting all the way down the Nationals course.
Julianne O'Neill was wearing cool flower pants.
Asher Humphreys puts it right in-between the bindings.
Xander Raith giving the X salute because, well, it's the letter that his name begins with.
Tristin Heiner isn't a niche snowboarder, but she is riding a Niche snowboard.
Nathan Jacobson about to touch down on the rail.
Tail off the rail from Kyle Kelly.
Matt Issac slides as everyone watches him. Do you think he was nervous?
Nope. Nerves of steal.
Tristin Heiner with that front board.
Evan Severson lets the hoof breath.
Back tail but Seb Judge. Boo ya!
Stoked dudes.

Photos by Jeff Brockmeyer.

The USASA contest series is great. It allows people from all over the country to compete, and make new friends, and progress their snowboarding. USASA Nationals are happening right now at Woodward at Copper. Check out photos from the action above!

Asher Humphreys. PHOTO: Jeff Brockmeyer.


Men’s slopestyle Open:

1. Peter Brichta

2. Asher Humphreys

3. Quinton Jones

4. Dillon Wilson


5. Chase DeMeulenaere

Women’s Slopestyle Open:

1. Julianne O’Neill

2. Serena Shaw

3. Danika Duffy

4. Emma Crosby

5. Alexis Roland

Men’s Rail Jam:

1. Zeke Greer

2. Max Lyons

3.  Nick Sorenson

4. Samm Neumann

5. Tristin Heiner

Women’s Rail Jam:

1. Sierra Jewett

2. Emma Crosby

3. Missy McAlpin

4. Lindsea Lumpkin

5. Alexis Roland