Photos by Jeff Brockmeyer.

The USASA contest series is great. It allows people from all over the country to compete, and make new friends, and progress their snowboarding. USASA Nationals are happening right now at Woodward at Copper. Check out photos from the action above!

Asher Humphreys. PHOTO: Jeff Brockmeyer.

Asher Humphreys. PHOTO: Jeff Brockmeyer.


Men’s slopestyle Open:

1. Peter Brichta

2. Asher Humphreys

3. Quinton Jones

4. Dillon Wilson

5. Chase DeMeulenaere

Women’s Slopestyle Open:

1. Julianne O’Neill

2. Serena Shaw

3. Danika Duffy

4. Emma Crosby

5. Alexis Roland

Men’s Rail Jam:

1. Zeke Greer

2. Max Lyons

3.  Nick Sorenson

4. Samm Neumann

5. Tristin Heiner

Women’s Rail Jam:

1. Sierra Jewett

2. Emma Crosby

3. Missy McAlpin

4. Lindsea Lumpkin

5. Alexis Roland