USASA Nationals 2016 at Copper Mountain : Full Gallery and Results

Chris Corning was on fire and stomped his way to first place at Copper for the 26th annual USASA Nationals. Photo: Vast.
Jade Thurgood takes 3rd place at USASA National's in Slopestyle. Photo: Vast
Jade Thurgood was sending it throughout the event. Photo: Vast
Jared Elston sends his way to second at Nationals. Photo: Vast.
USASA Natonals Finals Slope Style Podium: 1. Chris Corning 2. Jared Elston 3. Dylan Thomas Photo: Vast
Zoi Sadowski-Synnott takes 1st in the ladies slopestyle at USASA Nationals. Photo: Vast
Serena Shaw claims second at Nationals in the superpipe. Photo: Vast
Serna Shaw proved herself on the jumps and on the rails. Photo: Vast
Women's Slopestyle Podium: Serena Shaw 2nd, Zoi Sadowski Synott 1st, Jade Thurgood 3rd OpenClass. Photo: Vast
Noelle Edwards claims third in the pipe at USASA Nationals. Photo: Vast
Anna Valentine spins her way to second in the pipe at Copper. Photo: Vast
Coming in hot and in first place was Zoe Kalapos. Keep your eyes peeled for this ripper. Photo: Vast
Women's pipe podium: 1. Zoe Kalapos, 2. Anna Valentine, 3. Noelle Edwards Photo: Vast
Judd Henkes was boosting and claimed 3rd at USASA Nationals.
Congrats to Ryan Wachendorfer for earning first at Copper. Big things for this guy.
Congrats to Ryan Wachendorfer for earning first at Copper. Big things for this guy.

Over 400 rippers from around the country and from a few far-reaching places around the world converged on Copper Mountain in Colorado for the 26th annual USASA Nationals on April 3rd-8th. This marked the ninth time the event was held at Copper and throngs of the world's future Olympians and  potential X Games riders all laid it on the line in halfpipe, slopestyle, boardercross, and in slalom events.

Nationals is a grassroots event that has long served as a feeder to pro level and Olympic competitions and this year the riding level was one of the highest we've ever seen.

Check out the full gallery from the Open Class of Halfpipe and Slopestyle finals and see the results below.

USASA: Halfpipe Finals Results


1. Ryan Wachendorfer

2. Justus Judd Henkes V

3. Chase Blackwell

4. Tiarn Collins

5. Alexander Kondo

6. Joshua Bowman

7. Robert Pettit

8. Dru Brownrigg

9.Skyler Ordean

10. Skyler Johnson


1. Zoe Kalapos


2.Anna Valentine

3. Noelle Edwards

4. Hannah Merson

5. Livia Molodyh

6.Mary Prantis

7. Autumn Inouye

8. Jade Thurgood

9. Savanna Atkins

10. Aspen Robinson

USASA Nationals Slopestyle Finals Open Class


1. Chris Corning

2. Dylan Thomas

3. Jared Elston

4. Justin Morgan

5. Robert Pettit

6. Tiarn Collins

7. John Lee

8. Ryan Wachendorfer

9. Christopher Stingle

10. Asher Humphreys


1. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott

2. Serena Shaw

3. Jade Thurgood

4. Hailee Mattingley

5. Emma Crosby

6. Anna Valentine

7. Kaitlyn Adams

8. Kirra Kotsenburg

9. Livia Molodyh

10. Alexis Buzzell

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