USASA Holds Clinics

TRUCKEE, Calif. (December 6, 2003)—USASA snowboard clinics prove to be beneficial to enhance the snowboarding experience for organizers, hosts and participants. Organizer of more than 450 local snowboard and freestyle skiing events nationwide, United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) stresses the importance to maintain a consistent snowboard training and educational standard. Each year, USASA hosts 10 – 15 clinics that provide USASA series directors, judges, technical supervisors, coaches and parents nationwide with the latest standardized guidelines and teaching methods.

In 2000, USASA launched instruction and education clinics offered to USASA Series Directors, snowboard coaches, instructors, judges, technical supervisors and volunteers about the fundamentals of snowboard coaching, judging and maintaining safety standards to host quality snowboard events.

“The USASA mission is to host safe, fair and fun snowboard events across the country,” said Tom Collins, Executive Director, USASA. “The annual USASA Series clinics and USASA Trainers Coach Certification allow us to create and maintain a consistent standard for all our 450 plus events from coast to coast.”

Each USASA clinic has three primary teaching and educational components:

Coaching—share the latest training and coaching methods, nutrition tips, first-aide certification (Level 2 option), motivational techniques, interaction with all parties to learn “best of” approaches, USASA permission registration guidelines, insurance eligibility, official USASA coaching certification

Judges—provide understanding of snowboard techniques and tricks to best evaluate difficulty and quality of competition, hands-on snowboard trick video evaluation and mock judging, USASA rule book clarification and updates, interaction with parents, resorts and coaches to best solve issues, testing to finalize certification

USASA Series Directors—update and maintain interactive computer software, provide a better understanding of how to run quality events that are safe, fair and fun, best approaches to working with resorts, round table discussion to share ideas and improve techniques.


December 6-8 Maine Mountain Series, New Hampshire Series, Massachusetts Series, Southern Vermont Series, Catskill Mountain Series, Taos New Jersey Series Stratton, Vermont

December 13-14 Mt. Mansfield Snowboard Club, Smuggler’s Notch Snowboard Team, Sugarbush Snowboard Team Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont

December 20-21 Western New York, Ohio, Canada, Michigan Hollimont, New York

Whether a rider is a novice or advanced, 4 or 84 years old, USASA offers snowboard and freestyle ski events to a variety of age levels at area resorts throughout the United States. The USASA Regional Series Directors, Judges, Technical Supervisors and USASA volunteers are certified by the USASA Trainers Division.

“It is important for the USASA staff to be consistently fair and safe,” said Tom Collins, USASA Executive Director. “Our USASA Regional Series Directors, Judges, Technical Supervisors and volunteers are certified by USASA Trainers. We want to make the USASA experience fun for the members and participants. Riders develop hands-on skills and experience competition at all levels.”

The 2003-2004 USASA membership fee is $50.00. Membership benefits include special offers on merchandise, discounted lift tickets at event resorts, a subscription to Transworld Snowboarding magazine, access to some of the best snowboard trainers and coaches, voting rights to elect Rider Representatives to the Executive Board who represent snowboarders and the snowboard industry efforts, a chance to win local and national scholarship prizes and giveaways at the events and more.

To learn more about becoming a USASA member or to view the current local event schedule visit or call 800-404-9213. The dates and locations can change. See the USASA Web site for the schedule.

Each of the 35 USASA series organizes 10-15 competitions throughout the season at area resorts. The USASA competitions are comprised of five primary snowboard events in three disciplines; the Alpine discipline includes GS and Slalom, the Freestyle discipline includes Halfpipe and Slopestyle, Boardercross® is a discipline onto itself. In 2003, USASA announced the introduction of Freestyle Skiing.

United States of America Snowboard Association is dedicated to supporting recreational and competitive snowboarding and freestyle skiing within 35 regional series throughout the United States of America. Since 1988, USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organization that allows men and women, and boys and girls of all ages and abilities to participate in more than 450 organized snowboard events that qualify for national and international competition. USASA Trainers supports educational programs throughout the year and organizes snowboard clinics hosted at various resorts in the U.S. These clinics serve as training for instructors, coaches, judges and technical supervisors to help provide Fair, Safe, and Fun events.

Note to Editor: For USASA media interviews or sponsorship information contact: Kristin McCallum at 248-444-9899 or Tom Collins at 800-404-9213. The 2003-2004 USASA event schedule is constantly being updated. Dates and locations occasionally change. Please see most current schedule available at