USASA Forms Snowboard Instructors Trainer Division

Truckee, CA, November 25, 2002 —Today, the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) announced the formation of the USASA Trainers Division. The newly formed division consists of snowboard instructors, coaches, judges and technical supervisors throughout the United States that extends from the USASA organizational structure.

USASA Trainer Division members are required to be formally certified at one of the 60-plus clinics organized at various resorts in the U.S. Each of the certification clinics are instructed by staff from the USASA Technical Commission. The USASA Technical Commission representatives have developed a comprehensive certification program that offers instructors, judges, coaches and technical supervisors a unified approach to prepare athletes of all-ages and abilities the opportunity to learn how to participate and compete in local, national and international snowboard events.

“We are looking forward to the 200 plus resorts where USASA events are held to embrace the USASA Trainers, said John Jett, Series Director of USASA SW Colorado, and a certified instructor, “The certification program is a formal accreditation of snowboard instructors and coaches that resorts can highlight as a competitive edge in the snowboard industry. A rider can be reassured that a USASA Trainer can provide them an ideal lesson that allows them to simply have the ability to go up and down on the mountain or participate at a more competitive level. Congratulations to the USASA for continuing to evolve the sport of snowboarding!”

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, snowboarding is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. with an annual increase in participation of 22.9 percent in 2001. –more–

“The increase in participation requires properly certified educators that can explore new instructional and educational techniques to continue to grow the sport of snowboarding, emphasized Gordon Robbins, USASA Technical Commission. “This new USASA Trainer Division provides snowboarders with the opportunity to coach and instruct based on consistent riding techniques and a formalized certification course. We anticipate the USASA Trainer Division to include over 1,200 members by the end of the 2002/2003 season.”

Founded in 1988, USASA helps standardize the rules of snowboard competition, administrators USASA events and provides a solid foundation for young athletes to build skills to compete on a local, national and international level. Today, the snowboard association represents over 4,000-plus members and organizes over 400 events throughout the year. USASA members have included Olympic Medal winners; Ross Powers, Danny Kass, J.J. Thomas, and Chris Klug, as well as Tommy Czeschin.

“The USASA Trainer Division is an exciting development for us”, explained Chuck Allen, Founder and Regional Series Director of USASA. “USASA has always emphasized the importance of learning the fundamental skills of snowboarding to prepare for competition at any level. Now, the USASA membership will have an opportunity to tap into this great educational resource. Many of the top U.S. riders have come up through the USASA and now we can really cultivate the younger athletes and prepare them for local, national and international competitions. This is definitely a positive extension to the USASA and a positive development for the snowboard industry.”

For more information about the new USASA Trainers Division and specific certification programs or to learn more about becoming a USASA member or participating in a snowboard event in your area, visit the USASA Web site at

United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) is the largest snowboard organization dedicated to supporting educational, recreational and competitive snowboarding within 35 regions throughout the U.S. Since 1988, USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organizatioon that allows men and women, and boys and girls of all ages and abilities to learn, participate and compete in over 400 organized snowboard events in five kinds of disciplines that qualify for national and international competitions. The USASA Trainer Division is a structured snowboard certification and training commission focused on hosting Safe, Fair, Fun snowboard events.