Congratulations to Red Gerard, Chloe Kim, Jamie Anderson, and Shaun White for their 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards nominations. The only sports awards ceremony to seamlessly blend top-shelf athleticism with perfectly fluorescent green slime.

The annual awards ceremony celebrates the best sports moments of the year and covers a variety of categories that intermix athletes from every corner of the world. Categories include but are not limited to: Favorite Male Athlete, Favorite Female Athlete (which Chloe Kim and Jamie Anderson are both front-runners for), King and Queen of Swag (Jamie Anderson), Favorite Newcomer (Red Gerard), Biggest Powerhouse, Need for Speed, Winter Wonders (Red Gerard, Chloe Kim, Jamie Anderson, and Shaun White), and Sickest Moves (which surprisingly doesn't have single snowboarder nomination?).

Chloe, Red, Jamie, and Shaun with the rest of the US Olympic Snowboard Team at the US Team announcement. Photo: Mark Clavin

This years' awards ceremony is set to be hosted by Houston Rockets’ point guard Chris Paul and will be airing at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 21. The event, while often overlooked and perhaps not the award ceremony most snowboarders dream of, is still a great honor to be nominated for. Simply put, it's not every day that snowboarders have the opportunity to nominated for the same awards as the best-of-the-best from so many other mainstream disciplines.

So mark your calendars, and join us in rooting for our fellow ambassadors on the world stage that is the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards. It’s going to be a momentous evening and we eagerly look forward to seeing Red, Chloe, Jamie, and Shaun share the stage with the likes of Tom Brady, Serena Williams, and Katie Ledecky. We hope you all get slimed.

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