US Open Slope Steez

The final day of the U.S. Open wrapped today with the slopestyle event. With tons of cash on the line, a who?s who of modern day shreddin? turned out for the throw down. A better day they couldn?t have picked. With sun-a-shining, 20 women as wells as 35 dudes tried to put together a worthy run. Let me break it down for ya?. The course featured a 20 foot flat bar, 20-20 kinked rail, four jumps in row, sort of rhythm section style all topped off with a choice of either another rail or a kicker to a large mound of snow which was dubbed the “butter box.” With that in mind let me rifle of some stunts that stood out throughout the day.

The ladies came out first. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pack coming out with a pretty impressive array of rail tricks. No more 50-50 to 50-50 solid backside and frontside boardslides were standard in this crew. The jumping wasn?t to shabby either. Emily Thomas let loose a couple backside threes and some styley straight airs. Hannah Teter let a backside three- frontside three barrage loose, finished it up with some giant straight airs and fell into third place. Priscilla Levac Used great steez on the rails backed up with a cab five and a frontside three for second place. Best run of the day would belong to Hana Beaman starting off with a switch rail attack then going into a lofty straight airs, a backside three and a frontside five.

The mens’ field had too much hucking to list, so here?s the quick run-down. Danny Kass danced on the rails had a couple fives a seven but it wasn?t enough for the top three. J.P. Solberg got rooked having one of the better runs of the day ? including, but not limited to a cab nine, cab 7, switch backside 7 with some rail antics thrown in. Top three went like this: Travis Rice in third adding in a sweet truck driver frontside three to cab nines as well as frontside sevens. Nate Sheehan stomping the holy piss outta? a cab 1080, back -to-back sevens grabbing second place. Guess who won? Come on take a stab. That?s right, Shaun White. When he came out of a switch backside five into back-to- back nines it was pretty much settled.

Hannah Teter got a New Jeep Wrangler for best overall (Getting on the podium twice this weekend) -which is funny since she don?t got her license yet. Beamans? Switch 50-50 to switch frontside boardslide won her another $2,500 bucks from the folks at Clif Bar as did Nate Sheehan for his Cab 1080. All in all, the day went off without a hitch, except for the fact that I forgot sunscreen, so now my face feels like a piece of shoe leather.

1. Shaun White
2. Nate Sheehan
3. Travis Rice

1. Hana Beaman
2. Priscilla Levac
3. Hannah Teter