US Open Announces New Boadcast Partners

Burlington, VT – Every year, snowboarding events attract more widespread attention from media, sponsors, TV networks and mainstream audiences. As the pinnacle event of the snowboarding season, the 2004 Philips US Open is no exception. This year, the Open has taken it to the next level, securing top sponsors, TV Networks and snowboarders like Shaun White, Danny Kass, Travis Rice and Hannah Teter to support and attend the event. The US Open is pleased to announce that Philips will be the event’s title sponsor for the second year running. Once again, Philips is gearing up to deck out Stratton with a full-blown Philips Fusion experience during the Open, held at Stratton Mountain, Vermont from March 16-21. Thanks to Philips, spectators and riders will get to try Philips’ super-small key ring cameras, check out new digital music jukeboxes, burn camcorder footage DVDs and enter to win cool electronics gear. Plus, live music will take place on the Philips Flat TV Concert Stage.

“Philips Electronics is very excited to be a part of snowboard history at this year’s US Open Snowboarding Championships,” said Mark McCully, director of brand & youth marketing for Philips Consumer Electronics. “Our products are all about personal expression, and snowboarding is really all about self-expression and individualism, so it’s a perfect fit for us. We invite everyone to come out and experience some of the fun we’ll be having on the slopes and check out some of the greatest snowboarders in the world.”

For the first time, NBC will be the television carrier of the 2004 Philips US Open. The official home of the 2006 Olympics, NBC also brought snowboarding to the forefront of the 2002 Winter Games through its excellent coverage and knowledge of the sport. With a reach of over 104 million homes, NBC will enable the masses to take in the excitement of the Open. Be sure to catch the Philips US Open on NBC on April 11, 2004 from 1:30-3:00pm EST.

Also new this year, the Philips US Open is a part of the Ticket to Ride (TTR) Pro Snowboard series. Many of the world’s top events are part of the series, including the Nokia Air and Style in Europe, the Nissan X-Trail Jam in Japan, the Vans Triple Crown Series and the Burton European Open. Winners of TTR events are given a coveted ‘ticket to ride’ at the Arctic Challenge, held in Norway in April. Hosted by Terje Haakonsen and emphasizing performance, style and creativity, the Arctic Challenge is revered by riders and is one of the most exclusive contests in terms of qualifying to compete. Thanks to this partnership, the winner of this year’s Philips US Open men’s halfpipe and slopestyle events will receive a ticket to ride at the Arctic Challenge.

The Philips US Open is also grateful for the support of other returning sponsors, including Burton Snowboards, Stratton Mountain, Jeep, SoBe, FHM and GORE-TEX® outerwear.

With Philips on board again and new partnerships with NBC and the Ticket to Ride Snowboard Series, the 22nd annual US Open will once again draw the world’s top riders and upwards of 35,000 spectators.

The Open Snowboarding Championships are the pinnacle snowboarding events of the season. Founded by Jake Burton, the Opens have grown from grassroots events to global spectacles attracting tens of thousands of spectators and riders from around the world. Since the beginning, the Opens have been driven by riders, for riders evolving with snowboarding and riders’ needs over the years. The Opens welcome all riders to compete, giving locals, amateurs and pros an equal shot at a world-class title. With events spanning three continents, The Burton European Open, Nippon Open in Japan and the Philips US Open in Vermont set the standard for snowboarding events around the globe. Thanks to 2004 sponsors Philips Electronics, Burton Snowboards, Stratton Mountain, Jeep, SoBe Beverages, FHM and GORE-TEX® outerwear for helping make the Open snowboarding’s most anticipated event.

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