TWS Suspends Publication of Snowboard Life

Oceanside, CA- January 22, 2001- TransWorld Media announced today theclosure of Snowboard Life magazine. Since its launch in the winter of1995, Snowboard Life’s mission had been to offer the growing snowboardmarket an alternative to the heavily freestyle oriented snowboardmagazines available on the newsstand– a magazine geared more towardservice and information. Maybe Snowboard Life was ahead of the curvefor this market as the advertising commitments just weren’t there tocontinue its mission. Due to this, TransWorld made the difficultdecision not to enter into a seventh season of publishing SnowboardLife.

“It’s a sad day for all of us at TransWorld,” said group publisher TimWrisley upon the announcement. “Snowboard Life was really comingtogether editorially, and subscribers loved the magazine because itoffered rock-solid information they needed about snowboarding. We justfelt it would be unwise to continue without the support of the industry.It’s a shame that the advertising community didn’t embrace it more, asit ultimately could have offered growth to the market.”

Snowboard Life was published six times a year and offered productinformation, resort service, and a broader view of snowboarding than thecurrent freestyle-oriented snowboard magazines.

“We still feel very strongly about this segment of the market and theneed for a more service-oriented snowboard magazine,” Wrisleycontinued. “Our plan is to pull back, do some in-depth, third-partymarket research about this segment, and really analyze how best todeliver the critical information needed to help grow the sport. WithTransWorld SNOWboarding, the biggest snowboard mag in the world, we havean obligation to cover where the market is now, which is morefreestyle. We do a great job there, we just feel there is anothergrowing segment that is underserved right now.”

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