Powder Essentials


Smith I/O ($180)
A lens that works well in low light is a must on snowy days. The Smith I/O supplies you with an additional Sensor Mirror lens that’s perfect in variable light so you can see those flat spots before it’s too late.


Coal Nichols Neckwarmer ($30)
Grab this warm neckwarmer and bury yourself in pow without turning into a soggy French fry. It’s double knit so you can keep your face toasty as you sink into the deep white.


MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes  ($260)
As some of the lightest snow shoes made you’ll barely notice them as you trudge through powder. The spacious binding system is perfect for snowboard boots, unlike other smaller bindings. With their rigid, aluminum frame and sturdy climbing bar, you can tackle ridges and steeps with ease, too.


Burton AK 23L Pack ($125)
Whether you’re earning yours, dipping into the sidecountry or rooping pow, this pack has your back. Horizontal and vertical board carrying straps give you options for snowmobiling and hiking. Probe, pole and shovel specific pockets make room for your gear, yet leave them rapidly accessible. The thin, ergonomic back panel cups your spine while the triple compression straps cinch the pack so you can ride without the monkey on your back.


Volcom Pop Gore Tex Pants ($350)
Riding pow involves immersing your legs in a bath of snow and such fun can outweigh cold for only so long. These extend the fun. They keep you dry with the best materials out there.


Elm The Suspect ($20)
The best update to the beanie world in years. This sneaky toque has a pullout facemask tucked inside it, perfect for those variable days. Keep it plain Jane with the solid color options or mix it up with the color combos offered by Elm.


Burton Malolo ($580)
With a mellow taper, this soul surfer isn’t strictly limited to tight turns and old-guy style, it’s snappy and playful with a freestyle soul. It has enough surface area in the nose to float atop the deep without getting too washy at speed and features Burton’s new S-Rocker shape to ensure it.


Voile Telepro Avalanche Shovel ($40)
With a big, super durable aluminum blade this shovel can crank through crusty avalanche debris or pile the powder high for jumps. The D-handle works with mitts or gloves and extends to over three feet.


Bonfire Mt. Hood Jacket ($349)
Three layers of protection against the elements provide one happy, dry home. This shell jacket features an impenetrable 25k waterproofing with 15k breathability and it’s made from salvaged fabric. It’s got a long fit so snow can’t sneak in on those deep days, too.

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