Mountain Gadgetry


Nixon Delta II SS ($300)
Time to geek out. Track your elevation, check the altitude and use the compass to find your way north with this tech watch from Nixon. It features a Swiss barometric pressure sensor that does it all for you. For backcountry or front country it’s a choice time tool.


VHoldR Contour HD Wearable Camera ($280)
Capture the days’ exploits up close in HD with this easy to use video camera. One quick swipe of your finger puts it into record mode and the 135-degree wide angle lens won’t miss a thing. It’s packed in a sturdy, water resistant aluminum body and stashes the days’ footage on MicroSD cards.


Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Avalanche Transceiver ($335)
This highly anticipated update to the Tracker family offers faster searching and more precise pinpointing. With three receiving antennae and trustworthy digital display with direction indicators, tracking is made even simpler. Plus, the Tracker 2 is has a thinner profile for less bulk in the backcountry.


Dakine Super Tune Kit ($85)
All you need to keep your board nicely tuned no matter where you go. Filled with files (yep, two of 'em), scrapers (one for wax, one for p-tex), an iron, p-tex, wax and all the other little trinkets you use to tune your board.


Black Diamond Bandit Avalung Package, ($260)
This trio of essential backcountry avalanche gear is perfect for anyone looking to step out there. It comes with the Deploy 3 shovel, a choice sturdy and compact shovel made of aluminum. The QuickDraw Super Tour Probe 265 is also stashed in there and easy to deploy. Lastly, the Bandit Pack has a built in Avalung respiration device for further safety.


Dryguy Circulator Boot Dryer, $30
If there’s one think that will sog your shred game day after day, it’s wet boots. 'Cause once the funk gets in them you’re doomed. Trench foot, swamp kankles, and oh, the stench. Fear not, these little dryers will keep your boots parched, toasty and ready to ride day in and day out.


Skullcandy Icon 2 Headphones ($30)
Perfect for park laps. The ever-popular Icon headies are now offered with an inline mic so you can take care of business on the lift and in the park.


Bakoda U.R.A. Tool ($25)
Your friends might laugh at you and call you a tool for carrying this, but then again you might save the day when their bindings loosen into a pigeon stance or you save that snow damsel in distress. Plain and simple it’s got everything you need packed into this slim disc: #2 and #3 screwdrivers, flat head screwdriver, magnetic wrench, mini file, scissors, a bottle opener and more.

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