The Little Things That Matter


DVS Paradox Snow Shoes ($75)

Problem: you want keep your skate style, but it’s a slushfest outside. You can’t wear your boots everywhere. What do you do? Dawn these. They’re snow specific, i.e. water resistant so you can trudge where you please after shredding without pruning your toes.


Clif Snacks ($1.29-$1.99)

Food breaks waste crucial ride time on pow days. Get yourself another lap and stave off hunger with these snacks. The Mojo is a favorite for it’s salty flavors. The Bloks are like gummy bears, but filled with good energy. And Clif bars, well, they’ve been around forever and are still a favorite.


Orotovox Check And Ride ($20)
Emotions run high in the backcountry. All that pow, all that elevation…ahhh the rush. But uncertainty always lingers. Are the conditions safe? Should you drop? Or wait? Always listen to that little voice in your head. And bring the Check And Ride for good measure. It breaks down the avy risk plain and simple.


Matix Hangover Earphones ($35)

Sometimes we all need to go to our own little happy place. When the world is spinning and pounding it’s nice to know that you can curl up to the cloth cord of these earplugs and be swept away to the sweet calming sounds they utter.


Banshee Bungee Urban Assault Package ($149)
Who knew rubber would come in so handy. The bungee provides portable speed in a minimal package. Forget the drop in ramp, this will provide enough speed to tackle any urban obstacle and it tucks nicely away in a backpack.


Volcom The Bamboo Sock ($16)

You can never have too many snowboard socks. These from Volcom have extra shin and foot padding and added arch support. Plus, they’re made from bamboo so you will shred strong, like tree.


Electric Fiend Polarized Sunglasses ($250)

Retro, creep style meets a high-quality lens in this pair of specs. They’re lightweight and have style for days. And why are they polarized? To cut glare and see clearly now, even when the snow’s gone.


Eesa Wafflejack Underlayer ($50)

A twist on the ill-designed waffle tops of days past. Instead of moisture logging cotton, this piece employs comfy, moistures wicking materials to keep you warm and fuzzy.


DaKine Mustang Gloves ($60)

Low profile, leather and the team favorite. Need we say more?


One Ball Jay Hot Wax Kit ($75)

All the goods to keep you gliding fast: a wax-specific iron, two high performance waxes, a scraper, a buff pad and p-tex. The tote bag comes with easy instructions so you can combine these ingredients into a smooth sliding board.


Dragon Rogue Goggles ($125)

This goggle’s triple layer foam and a medium size fit means it can cradle a lot of faces, plus its hidden hinges work well with helmets. A goggle’s not all about fit, which is exactly why the Rogue features an optically correct spherical lens so your mountain view is distortion free.

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