Guilty Pleasures


Vans Hustle Slippers ($60)
Soggy socks and skate shoes are drag on your feet after a hearty day’s shred. That’s why slipping into these furry, water resistant slippers is where it’s at for loafing around the house and running errands.


Cappel Dublin Down Jacket ($300)
Puffy jackets are just so damn convenient and inviting. They’re like wearing your sleeping bag to the hill. Cappel’s Dublin Down is even more comfy with a cush satin foil lining and 220 grams of down fill–perfect for staying toasty on chilly days.


Superfeet Kork VAC Insoles ($120)
Dropping in on a set of custom cork insoles will go a long way. You can run them for years and they will still be the best fit for your body. They give you the best possible support, shock absorption, fit and more. Riders like Jussi Oksanen swear by a custom cork fit because it reduces fatigue and keeps you shredding longer, day to day and season after season.


Ski-Doo Summit X 800 ($11,000)
Ahh, your own private lift. The Summit is the mountain standard among shred pros and slednecks alike with its amplitude of power and minimal weight (three pounds per horsepower–the lightest, most powerful sled out there). Share it with a friend and run laps all day.


Union Force SL Bindings ($280)
This premium pair of bindings is fine tuned for your feet. Meticulous CNC machining makes them super light and super strong. They’re not just rough metal though, they’re lined with lavishly padded straps and baseplates–the stuff that really counts when you’re chasing pow sun up to sun down.


Baldface Lodge. Photo by Nick Hamilton

Baldface Lodge Cat Trip (prices vary)
Drop in on a three or four-day trip to this gem and you won’t regret it. The 32,00- acre powder retreat already posted “the best early season conditions we have ever had,” so the snow is stacking up well. Bowls to trees to steeps–the place has it covered in the riding department and lodging side of things because once you touch down you’re in good hands.


Burton Women’s LTD Heated Union Pant ($350)
These will roast your bum and they’re perfect for bitter cold. They’ll keep you warm during the whole day and feel like a “heated car seat attached to your butt,” according to TWS product tester Jess Roy.


Therm-ic Basix Plus Heated Insoles ($150)
For those bitter cold days and poor circulation. These insoles stimulate your circulatory system and keep those little piggies warm. Keep the heat pumped for up to nine hours on a single charge.


Quiksilver Eastwood 1K Riding Shirt ($95)
Flannels rule. It’s easy to get stuck wearing one all the time, especially out in winter. This one from Quik is has a water repellant coating and a mesh lining so you can layer up for shredding and practically live in it.


DC Versatile High WR ($100)
It’s the end of the day and it is still puking snow. Hopefully you’re out getting some rails on a night mission. If not, then slip into these. They’re water resistant and perfect for tromping around town and loading the sleds.


Burton Method ($1,500)
No holds barred on this Burton stick. It’s purely NASA level materials and ready for flight with titanium edges, an aluminum honeycomb core and a mysterious capsule of carbon fiberglass. Once you’re strapped in, you won’t even know it’s there.


Nike Snowboarding Zoom Kaiju Boots ($350)
Packed with decades of footwear expertise, these boots are built with comfort, innovation and support. Nike’s Free Technology creates a super low profile sole for optimum board feel and reduced weight. The Zoom Air foot-padding feature absorbs any and all chatter. Plus, the Flywire cuff reduces ankle pressure points and keeps your heel nice and snug no matter how you tweak.

Josh Dirksen. Canadian Mountain Holidays. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

Josh Dirksen. Canadian Mountain Holidays. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

Heli Boarding At CMH (prices vary)
Forget down days, at CMH the bird rarely gets grounded-it flies in all kinds of weather. That means tons of runs and guaranteed sweet shredding in all types of terrain. Add the swanky accommodations and food and you’ll never leave. Don’t just take it our word for it, see what David Benedek, Josh Dirksen and others have to say about the place here.

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