Understanding The Ollie
Jeremy Jones shows you how to perfect snowboarding’s most fundamental trick.

The ollie is where it all begins. Learning to ollie properly will help you with every other trick you try. “The biggest part of snowboarding is probably the ollie-if your ollie’s off, everything is off,” says Jeremy Jones. And Jeremy’s ollie is obviously on, which is why we asked him to show us how it’s done. Read up, then rush out and try it for yourself. See if you can’t crack a couple as cleanly as Jeremy.

1. It’s best to learn the ollie on a mellow slope. This will allow you to really load your board and feel it pop back. Ride in flat-based, bend your knees, get real low, and lean back a little.

2. With your weight over your back foot, pull your front leg up toward your chest. As you feel the board flex, pop off your back leg and bring it up, too.

3. Now suck those knees way up. Keep your arms down by your side. Stay centered over your board and level it so it’s parallel to the slope.

4. Enjoy the float for a second, style it out with a shifty if you want, and spot your landing.

5. As you get closer to the snow, extend your legs. Try to keep your board level so you don’t land on your tail or nose, but nice and flat-based.

6. As you touch down, be ready to absorb the landing. Bang it, but don’t over do it. Ride away and repeat.

“The best way to learn to ollie is just riding around on flat groomed runs and just crackin’ little ollies. You’re not going over anything and there are no consequences. Cruise the runs and snap around.”-Jeremy Jones