A perfect powder day starts with the right wax. Fresh, cold snow can be sticky and slow if your board isn’t properly tuned. Steep terrain and gravity may keep even a poorly waxed board moving, but most resorts have flat sections and cat tracks to negotiate on the way to the goods.

Avoid wasting precious time, or even worse, unstrapping your back binding to skate through the flats, by hot waxing your board the night before riding. Waxes vary based on the snow’s temperature and moisture content, but new snow usually calls for a cold, hard wax. After ironing in the wax and letting it cool, be sure to scrape off the excess wax (with a plastic scraper) in the morning for super glidability.

Pow days are what every snowboarder lives for; so don’t let a slow board get in the way of making memories. Get your wax on!