Tuning your ride for park boxes is similar to setting it up for other freestyle riding like rails and walls. The big difference is the increased amount of surface area you’re sliding on, so you want to make sure your edges are dialed and that you have super glide-ability.

Follow the freestyle basics for your board’s edges:
-Detune the tip and tail area (round off completely)
-Get rid of burrs and other rough spots with a gummy stone
-Bevel (angle) your edges with a file and file guide to at least two degrees on the base (angled away from the snow), and then throw on the same degree of side-edge bevel so you’re left with a 90-degree edge.

This tune will be forgiving enough to prevent you form catching an edge, while still allowing you to make turns on hard snow and in icy conditions.Waxing your ride will ensure a smooth ride throughout the trick--on, butter, lipslide, and off. Rub-on waxes are easy and great for quick fixes in between hot waxes, but without the heat of an iron, a wax job won’t last nearly as long.Hot waxing is a better solution. It’s totally affordable, and it’ll give you the best results.

Buying a wax iron (don’t use your mom’s clothes iron!) and enough wax for a few seasons will cost about the same as having your board professionally tuned just three or four times!

Dialing in your edges and a riding a slippery, well-waxed stick will enhance your style and keep the fun at a maximum.