Photos: Stephan Jende

The Projects have returned for its second iteration, this time landing at Trollhaugen, one of the most revered and well-known snowboarding destinations in the Midwest.

The original idea for The Projects started when Krush Kulesza, head honcho at Snowboy Productions, started the Holy Bowly event back in 2011. There were always these cool looking, unique transition features at Bowly, so the thought of adding tubes or jersey barriers to them clearly became the next logical step.  With the core idea being to try and evolve the typical jib park, Krush called up Scott Stevens and got him on board, and the rest is history. This year, Jesse Paul and Ryan Paul were added to the mix in order to get the true Midwest representation and flavor that an event at Trollhaugen deserves.

This year’s footprint was about twice as big as that of The Loon Project, offering even more transition, lines, gaps, and rails. The added bonus of having two independent rope tows accessing the course meant that the action was faster than ever, allowing riders to battle tricks on a few features, or simply take more full laps without the need to hike or even unstrap at all.

The invited rider list was a who’s who of midwest representation and beyond. Scott Stevens, Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Nirvana Ortanez, brothers JJ and Finn Westbury, Flo Corzelius, Drayden Gardner, Oliver Dixon, Jake OE, Brandon Reis, Joe Sexton, Freddy Perry, Daniel Vinzant, Jill Perkins, Matt Beaudroux, Aidan Flanigan, Benny Milam, Jake Moore, Cody Beiersdorf, Mike Skiba, Kyle Kenedy, Ethan Deiss, Krister Ralles, Danimals, Jonas Michilot, and Shane Reprecht were just a sampling of the riders that came out to rip, not to mention the 20+ locals who came out for days three & four. Add to that the fact that the entire course is now open to the public, and you’ve got a recipe for one tasty event.

With a bigger footprint this year, it seemed that documenting all the action might be an issue. However, everyone can be a filmer nowadays as long as they’ve got an iPhone in their pocket. This meant plenty of impromptu followcams, and resulting uploads, all week long. Be sure to check out #TheTrollProject on Instagram if you haven’t already for all the behind the scenes video and photos.

The crew at Troll really went and outdid themselves. After putting the initial pieces of the setup together, they worked together with Krush to find open spots and available rail inventory to create custom features that would fit into the flow. This resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind setup that would be almost impossible to precisely imitate or re-create.

The Projects can best be described as a private photo and video shoot, while still maintaining the goal of having as many local riders as possible. The first day is a stress test of sorts in order to push the limits and capacities of the park, make tweaks and changes, as well as obtain feedback. After that, the crew can be expanded from the initial twenty invites to friends, local rippers, and more. The resulting feeling is not of a stuffy, private VIP party, but instead a gathering of like-minded individuals who want to get out, ride an innovative course, and progress freestyle riding without risking life and limb. You might not have been able to make it out, but the hope is that a friend or someone else you knew did.

Browse the full gallery to see just a small sampling of what went down, and stay tuned for the full edit dropping only on

Special thanks to Snowboy Productions, Trollhaugen, Salomon, Coal, Bent Metal,, and Crab Grab for making it all happen.