Travis Rice Wins US Open Rail Jam

Emotions ran high in the beginning of the night as Billy Anderson got up in front of a full crowd at Stratton to explain how his brother Jeff had designed the course everyone was about to throw down on for the next hour and twenty minutes. Jeffy did a great job. The top rail was a street like staircase with round and flat kinked bars, lets say about fifteen flat fifteen (I ain’t to good at numbering). Next up was a maybe a twenty-five set with a round bar down the middle, high ledge on the right and a multi-tiered ledge to the left.

No one wasted any time in throwing down. Which sucked for me cause I was to busy trying to figure out how to get a shot with my damn digi-cam to pay any attention to what was going on for the first thirty minutes. Ryan Paris did a 450 to board slide, I remember that. And how could I forget Zach Leach’s frontside boardslides to backside smiths on the kinker. Then there was about twenty minutes of me trying to explain to a thick-necked man in ski boots why I should be allowed on the course. Another five walking back to where I started since he wasn’t havin’ it. And that leads up to about the last twelve minutes.

This was where the good shit went down anyhow. Ali Goulet not wanting to let the home crowd go home disappointed let loose gapping the top rail with some sick frontside 180 to switch 50-50à­s down the top kinker. Chris Coulter made good use of the multi-ledge with 50-50 to frontside boardslide. Travis Rice attacked with his usual making it look too easy style pullin’ out a ton of variations of switch tricks. Local favorite Nic Batko got screams from the sidelines with a backside 450 to frontside boardslide 270 off. Shaun White, who was killing it as always, threw down sick cab and regular frontside 270’s on followed up with smooth as butter frontside noseslides down the second set.

As Billy took the stage to Announce the winners, everyone was buzzing about who could walking home with the check. A lot went down, would it be pure gnar-a-tude or consistency? Tonight, it would be the later walking home with the big money. But the folks at Sobe put up an extra five g’s for the gnarly so not to worry.

1. Travis Rice
2. Shaun White
3. Zach Leach
4. Wyatt Caldwell
5. Shane Flood
6. Ali Goulet
7. Nik Batko
8. Rahm Klampert
9. Doran Layborn
10. Ryan Paris
11. Colin Langlois
12. Chris Coulter
13. Mike Kostecki
14. Travis Kennedy
15. Jeff Kramer
16. Jeremy Jones
17. Ryan Lougee

Complete results on the way.