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Winter hit Southern California last night by way of picturesque landscapes and heavy snowboarding as Travis Rice‘s latest movie, Depth Perception, played on the big screen in the Regency Lido Theatre in Newport Beach. With a cast featuring fellow Quiksilver teammates Bryan Fox and Austen Sweetin, as well as Roxy’s Robin Van Gyn, the video played in front of a sold out crowd that were stoked to see the riders on stage before and after to hand out product, sign autographs, and give a personal touch to the larger-than-life riding that played in front of them.

Check out the full movie on iTunes here!

Travis introducing the cast and movie. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Travis, Robin, Bryan, and Austen thanking the crowd. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Although the night had the accoutrements and trappings of a regular snowboarding premiere, there was something that felt different, and it was probably due to the fact that Travis and company told the story of their trip with a driving narrative found deep in the old growth forest passed over by time. Depth Perception stands alone in style when compared to this years crop of feature-length videos. It is much more of a story than just action stacked on top of action. Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of mind-melting riding thanks to the hand picked crew, but amongst the powder wonderland captured in Galena, BC, Austen, Bryan, Robin, and Travis put their personalities on screen and had the crowd laughing throughout night.

What a sold out theater looks like. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Second angle. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

The production value is excellent as well, but that is just par for the course when talking about a film featuring this caliber of talent. The audience hooted, hollered and then was drawn in by the story-telling aspect, which felt as much hollywood as it did heli trip. We highly suggest getting out to one of the tour premiere stops for this one, it just feels right to watch in theater seats. And if not, grab some popcorn and snag it off iTunes, you won’t regret it!

Bryan Fox and friends. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Big thanks to the Lido as well as Quiksilver, Roxy, Skullcandy, and CMH Heli for an awesome night!

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