An hour-long Smith-limo melee marked the final stop of the TransAm series at Sunday River, Maine on Thursday, April 27. Number 44, Silas Stannard, who competes in the Central California Snowboard Series, landed himself a 270 on and a one-year sponsorship from Smith, Quiksilver, DaKine, and Ride Snowboards.

The nonstop competition of USASA’s National Championships gave way to the TransAm on Thursday afternoon, as 60 competitors and hundreds of fans made their way toward a course of three rails and the rebuilt, F-350 Smith limo. Invitations were given to riders who proved themselves in the parks of Sunday River during the days prior to the event–TransWorld special forces held run-offs on park rails and fought angry mobs of twelve year-olds, awarding only the dopest or coolest kids with a ticket to ride.

The TransAm is a judged, jam-format event that gets riders from all of the USASA’s age categories together for a single session. In addition to skills, the TransAm rewards riders with style and personality. The fifteen-foot flat rail of the Smith limo (driven all the way to Maine by mad Zach Horowitz) quickly became the center of attention.

Boards snapped and ball-joints dislocated as riders from 10 to twenty years old chewed the rail apart. “Tight Jeans Guy” tore it to pieces, but couldn’t be scored because nobody knew who he was. Kids like Lucas Magoon (in the Freddie Kreuger sweater) made their mark and scared their moms with ill moves and some good takes.

But as the sun went behind one of them woodsy Sunday River peaks, it was a guy by the name of Silas who won the unanimous votes of the four judges and announcer Travis McLain. The only rider to successfully 270 onto the rail, Silas was the stoked and humble dominator to be awarded with a one-year sponsorship and some real opportunity-a future pro has been pegged.

The TransWorld TransAm series, always in conjunction with the USASA, was made up of three stops this winter-Bear Mountain, Breckenridge, Mt. Bachelor-and the tour’s final at Sunday River. The TransAm is made possible by Quiksilver, Ride, DaKine, and Smith.


1. Silas Stannard, Central California Snowboard Series
2. Dave King, Utah Series
3. Scott somebody who hates the media
4. (tie) Chris Edmondson, Southern California Series
4. (tie) Lucas Magoon, Southern Vermont Series
5. (tie) Vance Billings, SOS Outreach Series
5. (tie) Nick Baumgartner, Michigan Superior Series

Aspen’s Laura Hadar was the only chick to hit the rail, and Tight Jeans Guy was deserving.