TransWorld SNOWboarding October 2015 Issue Out Now

The September / October issue is out now, featuring Arthur Longo's gatefold cover. Photo: Andy Wright
We set out to find the Origins of five iconic locations for our new movie. See what we did there?
That's a long way down.
Xavier De Le Rue leaps into the history books with his motorized parawing exploits.
The jackets and the riders who rep them.
We went for a dip with some of the year's latest outerwear for our newest lookbook.
Don't forget: Origins is out now on Vimeo On Demand.
Read in-depth about each of the legendary riders that helped shape each location in the movie to what it is today.

TransWorld SNOWboarding October 2015 Issue Out Now

Along with Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones, Xavier De Le Rue is one of the top three big mountain riders who's constantly pushed the envelope over the past five years. For our first regular issue of the season, you'll find a story called A Wing And A Prayer, which covers De Le Rue's groundbreaking use of paramotors to access to big mountain terrain. Check it out for the first print photos of De Le Rue bomb dropping out of a paramotor into some heavy AK lines.

On the more grounded side of things, Seth Wescott leads a group of up-and-comers into the Maine backcountry to find pow lines on some surprisingly legitimate descents near Sugarloaf resort for the Unnecessary Roughness feature.

As splitboarding grows in popularity and the need for accredited guides increases, we also look at how a few riders are challenging the ski-centric certification model of the American Mountain Guides Association in the Split Standard story.

And if you didn't get your gear fix in our Gear Guide, our editor Scott Yorko took a pile of helmets up to the Giro testing facility. He put them through some serious beatings for the Head To Head feature, to see which ones stood up to abuse the best.


The 148-page September/October issue is packed with all these stories and ton more. Grab a copy on newsstands now.

See the story behind Arthur Longo's cover shot here:

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