Here are several things that TransWorld, and more specifically, TransWorld‘s Senior Contributing Editor Jen Sherowski, approves of, appreciates, and recommends to you. However, it’s not our fault if you try something and don’t like it. We will only take credit if the results are positive. Thank you for your time.

Snowboarding in jeans: Now, hold your horses—we’re not recommending you wear a pair of tight-ass stretch jeans and try to pretend you’re something you’re not. We’re just saying that wearing your regular old jeans riding on a nice warm day is boss—you’ll be surprised how comfortable, casual, and at ease you feel in them.

Stomp pads: For years we were too cool to use these, but recently we discovered how easy it makes one-footing down a gentle slope with a heelside fall-away and on into the crowded lift line. So much control! Besides, now you can get punk-rock-stud stomp pads or ones that look like a pile of puke.

Natural jibs: Forget the stupid terrain park for once. Explore the mountain. Stumps, logs, rocks, whatever gets in front of your board can and should be shredded.

Slush halfpipes: These are astonishingly easier to ride than rock hard, icy halfpipes. Anyone can dig an edge into a nice slushy wall, and if you happen to land disaster or catch an edge, the slush gives way and embraces you as you slide down on your butt or stomach laughing light-heartedly about your own stupidity.

Long, sunny chairlift rides: Pushing up your hat to get some sun on your forehead. Meandering conversation. The coconutty smell of someone’s Coppertone. Good stuff.

The movie Out Cold: Hoaky sports-oriented movies are wonderful in their own right, but this one’s about snowboarding! That’s right, this is Todd Richards’ silver-screen debut—he plays a dude in a wheel chair. There’re also guest appearances by Devun Walsh, Rob “Sluggo Boyce, Javas Lehn, et cetera. It’s in that “so bad it’s good category—don’t act like you don’t love that shit.

Zinc oxide: Not to sound like your mom or something, but my dermatologist told me that zinc oxide is one of the only sunscreen ingredients that really blocks out U.V. rays entirely, making it “sun-block instead of just “sunscreen. And if you can find the colored stuff, well, then you’re obviously hyped.

Snowboarding and skateboarding in the same day: No, they are not the same thing, but there’s something similarly awesome about them. It’s like when your mom says, “I love all my children the same. Yes, you love them both—remember to appreciate that fact.

Playing “Add A Trick: Easiest to play in the halfpipe or on a kicker line, one person does a trick, then the next guy has to do that trick plus add on another one, and so on. This makes for hours of entertainment. You see, everyone has a different set of tricks in their bag, and so each player has to reach outside their comfort zone and try tricks they’d never thinking of throwing. Hey, ya just might learn something.

Cold beverages on warm decks: Best part: drinking something cold when yer real thirsty. Second best part: the warm sun on yer back. Third best part: going up for another run.

Canon Elph videos: We know that last time we recommended you leave your digi-cam at home, but we’ve recently become obsessed with the little movies you can make using said cameras. They are small and fun and can be considered “art in their own way, as far as we’re concerned.