By Leah Stassen

Drinking for healthy breasts at The ReinCarnation Project.

As ASR gets under full swing, so do the parties, drinking, and movie premieres that go along with it. While the trade show is increasingly focused on skateboarding and surfing, many snowboarders show up for the evening events.

Last night, after a long first day of the trade show, a who’s who of the snowboard world came out in full force to see the film debuts of Absinthe Films’ Transcendence and Blacklight. The premiere party was hosted by Modart at The ReinCarnation Project in downtown San Diego.

Industry people, pro snowboarders, and friends alike gathered around the venue’s outdoor screen to see the amazing snowboarding from last season. Tina Basich, Tom Gilles, Elan Bushell, Abe Teeter, and Travis Rice were just a few of the film’s riders who were there to share the moment and get feedback from their peers.

“It’s amazing to me how you see yourself on the screen. I know I made those runs or lines, and I know how good it felt when I did them, but then sometimes it looks even better on screen than it felt,” said Airwalk rider Tom Gilles of his part in Blacklight.

Both of the movies were sick, showing off progressive freestyle and freeriding from all across the globe. Everyone in the place left excited for the upcoming winter. “Our team did so good, so I’m stoked,” said Greg Keelin, the national sales manager for Salomon/Bonfire.

“In Blacklight, up-and-comer Adam Short totally stepped up. We (Salomon/Bonfire) gave him a small travel budget and free product and he has a part. It’s awesome,” he continued.

Overall, the event was a great kick off for the 2001/02 snowboarding season and the party provided an extra incentive for people to hit the bar. Raising some money for a good cause¿a percentage of the proceeds from the drinks went to Boarding for Breast Cancer.