TransAm Winter Park Colorado

TransAm Winter Park

TransAm competitor locks in a frontboard during the Traffic Jam. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Words by Adam Kisiel

It's really something special when the smoke rises out of the top of a volcano jump dyed to look like red lava is spewing out the top and the Winter Park Park Crew erupts with high fives and screams of elation at the top of their lungs.  It is even more awesome to be at a resort that is so hungry to make something good and hangs their pride around their necks like a rappers iced chain.  It wasn't just the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Volcano going off all day with ninety-five riders storming through Colorado for the Transworld TransAm Tour, it may have been the Ride Snowboards Wedgie to hitching post stall.  Both features were ridden with such raw unleashed shred fury.  The High Cascade Snowboard Camp Volcano seemed like it was throwing riders into backside rodeos all day long.  The Ride Snowboards Wedgie stall had riders hand planting, bonking, or stalling for what seemed like a moment in time stopped and paused for everyone to admire.

There is something to be said about getting to ride a set up and just letting go the pressures of being young and getting lost in the fun under the Rocky Mountain sun.  Was it the jump over the Zumiez Couch or watching mini shred Andrew Burns tear apart the Giro triple barrel down rail with such knee high grace?  Maybe it was the Dakine down bar rail set up where riders dropped in, rode under the Dakine tent, then threw down on the down bar set up.  Could it have been the energy of the day that was only being lifted higher by Spencer Clark who had every trick he threw both in regular and switch on lock?  Maybe Paige Rainear knew before she dropped into the Oakley O Tube, a huge metal corrugated tube that could be rode through the middle or jibbed from every side across the top.  I think Rainear knew because she was smiling as she showcased some skill on that Oakley O feature.  It was something in the air that has happened at every event throughout this tour and Emily Blewitt knew it as she came to Winter Park Colorado trying to two-peat after a solid win at Buckhill, MN.  Was it the same feeling that had Pauly Weston dropping the park crew rake and strapping on the board to make every feature seem like just another means to illustrate what fun looks like in motion?  I could ask these questions for hours thinking back to the highlight reel of memories that was on repeat in my head after this TransAm.  One thing for sure was that once the final forty riders dropped for the Ultimate final nobody would be the same after this day.  Oakley made smiles even bigger at the awards giving out outerwear and custom Transam goggles to the winners. High Cascade Snowboard Camp gave out awesome hoodies, hats, belts, Nerf guns, and a live kitty.  Zumiez is flying the top winners to the finals in Bear CA, and dropping gift cards on the winners like snow flakes.  Dakine made back packs and board bags happen for the winners, Ride Snowboards gave out new snowboards, Giro had custom TransAm helmets made, Sponsor Me gave out sweet prizes, and Transworld presented the coveted Transworld TransAm trophies.  All the prizes, crazy park features, an overall make fun the centerpiece event aside, it's the kids that have made this event and the many other TransAm tours the best.  It's the sounds of hearts beating as the riders anxiously wait at the top of the park to drop in all at once for the traffic jam.  It's the Winter Park Park Crew, the high fives, the smiles, and the thank yous that will forever make this TransAm Tour some of the best memories ever.



1st Spencer Clark

2nd Pauly Weston

3rd Carson Anderson


1st Paige Rainear

2nd Emily Blewitt

3rd Courtney Cox