TransAm Finals Rock Angel Fire, New Mexico

A springtime Angel Fire, New Mexico set the stage for the final bout of the TransAm Series: the TransWorld/Campbell’s Soup at Hand six-stop rail tour that piggybacks USASA events across the country.

Infested by kids, Angel Fire played host to the world’s largest snowboarding event, the USASA Amateur Nationals–TransAm riders are picked from there.

The TransAm combines riders from all age categories for a rail session–jam format, of course. Winners get armfuls of prizes and a wet kiss from Jonnel, the overall winner lands a one-year sponsorship deal from Ride Snowboards, Quiksilver, DaKine, and Smith–it’s the dream, man. The TransAm killer will also spend a week at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, where he can put his new product to the test.

The Smith Limo–with a revamped and reinforced flat bar?provided the focal point for an army of Ams, each wielding a pillowcase full of bar soap and ready to do some damage.

Southshore Tahoe’s Frankie Jones (is that his real name?) scourged the Limo like it was a dead horse to win the event. The Kids Of America also had their way with the rail; groms like Tyler Flanagan and Jamie Anderson rode together, sliding out tail and nose grabs like they were carpet airs. These fine products of the USASA now hold one-of-a-kind trophies handmade by the founder of TransWorld, Larry Balma.

Here are your results:

Smith Limo

1. Frankie Jones

2. Chris Bartkowski

3. Nick Baumgartner

Flat to Down Bar

1. Mike Goldschmidt

2. Martin Ciszek

3. Sam Hulbert


1. Jamie Anderson

2. Danielle Taylor and … damn, I can’t find the name of the girl that tied for second with Danielle. E-mail me your info! Really, it’s not a scam. I’m not trying to get your phone number or anything, I just want to give you credit because you rode well. Really.

Also, look for more photos and a story in the fall issues of TransWorld SNOWboarding. Posting on the Web site is a hassle.

Official Disclaimer: TransWorld, of course, had nothing to do with the broken windows, teen pregnancies (current or future), stickering, and/or general indecencies and chaos that made up the weeklong foray. We don’t support or encourage that type of stuff–and we never wanted to be anyone’s role models, anyway.