TransAm FINALS Bear Mountain

TransAm Bear

A TransAm competitor takes it straight to the mouth of the Bear Mountain volcano. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

2010 TransAM Finals
Ams Dropping Pro Moves

What are the criteria for being an am? No sponsors? Two sponsors? Maybe fully hooked up, paid-but no pro model? The lines are blurry in snowboarding. But one thing is clear: ams rip. Period. They showed us with pro-level tricks at the final TransAM. Big 270 boards, rodeos and a near double rodeos. These “ams” came out of the gate charging. And the spring platter of features at Bear Mountain was the place to watch. Temps neared the sixty-degree range, heating up the slush bowl for some loose spring riding.

A swath of competitors took part in tearing up the 2010 TransAM Finals. Nine of them earned their way here by landing on the podium in TransAM contests this season. Billy Keil, Dom Luza, Easton Gilman, Emily Blewitt, Jen O’Connor, Lauren Tamposi, Paige Rainear, Shaun Murphy and Spencer Clark all found themselves in the contest field thanks to a free flight from Zumiez.
Now to the action. So many McTwists were getting grilled up on the Oakley quarterpipe, it was like a fast food joint. Pint-sized groms were slinging them above the lip and when you think about it, they’re half the age and only a simple rotation away from Shaun White and his double.

The transition, jib, hip junction aka the High Cascade Snowboard Camp volcano was erupting with features and trick combos. Mini ramp to corrugated tube to down bar to hip-it was anything you wanted it to be. Riders were jibbing up the volcano and jibbing down. Instead of following the crowd, third place finisher Ian Sams simply sent cab fives over the whole dang volcano. First place finisher and Brighton badass Brandon Hobush made his way from Salt Lake to Bear to tear things up. He brought his hot feet and it was worth it. Kid threw down just about every jib combo imaginable.

Prior podium finishers Emily Blewitt and Dom Luza came into the contest with some steam and prior wins. Aside from slaying every feature, Dom slapped press combos on the DaKine Downrail and Emily front boarded the Ride Snowboards Lowrise box with ease. They took the overall TransAM series with second place finishes at Bear.

And that’s it; another TransAM series is in the bag. This grassroots event ushered more riders into the contest ranks, but kept them focused on fun. A huge thanks to all the sponsors, resorts, park crews and the riders for making it happen! See you next year!

2010 Bear Mountain TransAM Final Results

1. Brandon Hobush
2. Dom Luza
3. Ian Sams

1. Caroline Degard
2. Emily Blewitt
3. Hailey Langlard

Grom Award
Brandon Davis

2010 Overall Transworld TransAM Winners
Dom Luza
Emily Blewitt