Trans Am Stop #5 Big Sky Resort : Gallery and Results

Adam West and the Big Sky Park Crew put together another fun course. Photo: Greg Furey
Park Crew member Chris McElaney takes flight on the TWSNOW jump as ground control looks on.
Reed Schneider smoothly transfers the O’Neill feature.
Anastasia Marcks 50-50s the Salomon feature.
Some of the LTC boys came out to judge the 5th stop of the TransAM.
Giro rep, Shawn Barry on the 1s and 2s all day.
Trevor Harapat was the only one to get to the top of the Giro Wallride with this 50-50 stall.
Sam Haivala nose slides tranfers on the O’Neill feature.
Will Gannon blast a method over the TWSnow jump and took home the Crumb Cruncher Award. (Side Note: His mom wins best mom award for carrying his board while he hiked).
Sometimes you have to poke the melon mid-flight.
Nils handing out bibs and Will was stoked to get one.
Alex frontboard the Salomon Creeper Feature.
Kirk Teare with his best impression of the standard media hand plant on the Giro feature.
Pat Mengler switch nosepresses the Salomon Creeper feature.
Pat putting the landing gear down on the O’Neill feature and taking home 1st place for Men.
Andrew Riddle handplants the Giro feature with some style added.
Who wore it better?
Making the frontboard look easy on the Salomon feature.
Women's: 3. Ally Goebel 2. Sam Hendrickson 1.Anastasia Marcks
Crumb Cruncher: Will Gannon (broke his wrist!)
Mens 3. Matt Rosenberg 2. Jake Haivala 1.Pat Mengler
Maverick Best Trick Award: Andrew Riddle

Trans Am Stop #5 Big Sky : Gallery and Results

Photos/Captions: Greg Furey

Words: Kyle Fischer

The Trans Am crew continued their adventure this week heading north to Big Sky, Montana. Adam and the rest of the Big Sky Terrain Park crew built an amazing course for our 50 stunt pilots to take flight on. Salomon and Giro rider, Nils Mindnich, put on his cowboy boots, and bolo tie to join us this week to present a special award for the best hand plant to Cole Karow. We were cleared for take off and the one hour jam session began. From there, only 25 men and five women made it to finals.

Andrew Riddle took home the Maverick Best Trick Award for pleasing the crowd with his boardslide to front flip over the down bar on the O’Neill transfer feature and just about every other feature on the course. The Crumb Cruncher award went to Will Gannon who nonchalantly claimed his award with a big smile and a possible broken wrist. Last but not least, the Giro Crash Landing Award went to Chris McElaney who popped his shoulder out of place. The inflight music was brought to us from the Giro Rep Shaun. Huge thank you to all the sponsors who made this weekend possible Salomon, Giro, O’Neill, and Big Sky.

1. Anastasia Marcks
2. Sam Hendrickson
3. Ally Goebel


1. Pat Mengler
2. Jake Haivala
3. Matt Rosenberg

Crumb Cruncher:
Will Gannon

Maverick Best Trick Award:
Andrew Riddle

Giro Crash Landing:
Chris McElaney

Nils Mindnich Handplant Award:
Cole Karow

Thanks to Big Sky Resort for hosting stop 5 of the 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM tour!  See you on February 27 for stop 6 at Mt. Seymour in British Colombia, Canada!

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The 2016 TransAM tour would not be possible without the commitment of our partners and sponsors: SALOMON SNOWBOARDS, O'NEILL, GIRO, Waterville Valley Resort, Big Boulder, Brandywine, Angel Fire Resort, Big Sky Resort, Mt Seymour, and Bear Mountain.

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