Trans Am Stop 4 Angel Fire : Gallery and Results

John and the crew at Angel Fire threw together a fun setup for the 4th stop of the tour. Photos: Greg Furey
Francesca Smith took 1st for the women’s and was a standout as two competitors look on and take notes on her front lip on the Giro rail.
Living on the edge on the Salomon feature.
Pat Raichur came up and was the guest judge for the 4th stop of the TransAM.
Max Dre came down from the great Northwest and took first!
Gap back lip on the flat down rail.
Alan Splitter front blunts pretzel on the Salomon feature.
Malem McDaniel earned his bid for finals and went on to win the Crumb Cruncher award.
Not sure how he got the speed but absolutely sending it on the Giro feature.
Aaron Golbeck getting his landing gear ready on the TWSnow jump.
Creeping through til the end on the Salomon feature.
Aaron Golbeck lets his back hoof breathe as he gaps to board slide.
Proper frontboard on the Giro rail.
Aaron was killing it all day which landed him in 3rd.
Alan Splitter lipslides the O’Neill transfer feature.
Tony trying to grab Aarons board on the Salomon feature.
50/50 to backlip on the O’Neill transfer feature.
Matt Coldren gaps to front lip and lands himself into 2nd overall.
Alan was doing all kinds of 1 footers and this time just board slide the Giro rail.
This kid must be a Jordan fan with his tongue out on the Salomon Creeper.
The TransAM Pizza Party!
Crumb Cruncher: Malem McDaniel
Women's: 1. Francesca Smith 2. Elisabeth Erker 3. Riley Montgomery (not pictured)
Men's: 1. Max Dre 2. Matt Coldren 3. Aaron Golbeck
Maverick Best Trick: Matt Coldren - Back 270 to 270 out
Giro Crash Landing & 3rd for Womens: Riley Montgomery

Trans Am Stop 4 Angel Fire : Gallery and Results

Photos/Captions: Greg Furey

Words: Anthony Cardoni

Stop number four of the Trans Am landed at Angel Fire resort in New Mexico this week. Over 40 of the southwest's best snowboarders came out for the event. As usual, they were putting down heavy tricks all day. Frequent flyer of the Trans Am, Max Dre, rode his way to the top spot earning his wings. He laid down a flawless back tail 450 out on the Salomon creeper feature.

On the ladies side, Francesca Smith had air traffic control going crazy all day putting down trick after trick with ease. Her riding was on point and she was awarded the top spot for the ladies. She stomped a gap to front lipside on the Giro down rail. Stay tuned for the full video recap dropping soon.

A gigantic thank you to Angel Fire Resort for hosting stop 4 of the 2016TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM tour!  We’ll see you in Big Sky, Montana for stop 5!

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The 2016 TransAM tour would not be possible without the commitment of our partners and sponsors: SALOMON SNOWBOARDS, O'NEILL, GIRO, Waterville Valley Resort, Big Boulder, Brandywine, Angel Fire Resort, Big Sky Resort, Mt Seymour, and Bear Mountain.



1. Francesca Smith

2. Betsy Coniglio

3. Riley Montgomery

Giro Crash Landing: 

Riley Montgomery


1. Max Dre

2. Matt Coldren 

3. Aaron Golbeck

Maverick Best Trick:

Matt Coldren – Back 270 to 270 out

Crumb Cruncher:

Malem McDaniel 

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