Trans Am Stop #3 Brandywine : Gallery and Results

Ian Oliver and the Park Crew at Brandywine put together a course that was fun for everyone. Photo: Greg Furey
Jeremy Van Dyke came out of the gates hot and headed straight to the O’Neill Transfer Feature.
Kaitlyn Adams checking in after getting her bib for finals.
Jake Luzader found some stale fish from Lake Erie above the Giro Wall.
Holly Tetzlaf throughing up her method over the Salomon Creeper.
Jeremy Van Dyke had to pick his nose before his flight on the TWSnow feature.
Callum Celvezcin was so excited to get his bib for finals.
Dodging the slingshot from the Salomon Creeper.
Zach Penton stays creepy with that mask.
Zach lives on the edge on the Giro Wall.
Kaitlyn Adams was a trooper yesterday and earned he way into 3rd for the women.
Sometimes during your TWSnow flight you have to get up and go. Jeremy Van Dyke.
Holly Tetzlaf 5050s the flat and transfers to a front board on O’Neill feature.
The groms were killing it all day and this one takes on the Giro Wall.
Eric Rosenberger took on the Salomon Creeper and put on his belt just to be safe.
Jeremy Van Dyke just making a lipslide on the Giro wall mellow.
Avery Erickson letting everyone know he is here and taking it to the press.
Jake Luzader’s flight got stalled on the TWSnow feature.
All eyes were on Jeremy Van Dyke all day as he finished 2nd overall and took over the O’Neill feature.
Eric Rosenberger throughs off the Salomon Creeper with some Canadian bacon .
Chad Nicholson showing the crowd his creepy base on the Salomon feature.
Erin Eblen backlipping the Grio Wall.
Avery Erickson taking the backflip and his performance to 1st place overall at the 3rd stop of the TransAM.
Rumor has it that there was a scout from the Indians in attendance and Jeremy Van Dyke showed his style for him on the O’Neill Transfer feature .
Crumb Cruncher: Wesley Muresan
Grio Crash Landing: Kaitlyn Adams
Womens: 3. Kaitlyn Adams 2. Theresa Kewley
Mens: 3. Eric Rosenberger 2. Jeremy Van Dyke 1. Avery Erickson
Maverick Award (Best Trick): Aaron Tufts Backside 360 to 50-50 on the Oneill Rail
Best way to end a TransAM… A Pizza Party!!!

Trans Am Stop #3 Brandywine : Gallery and Results

Photos/Captions: Greg Furey 

Brandywine Resort in Ohio hosted Stop 3 of the 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM.  Sixty hungry Midwest riders threw down on a killer TransAM set-up, making this inaugural Ohio TransAM stop one for the memory books!

As usual for the TransAM series, the riding was impressive. The ultra consistent Avery Erickson landed top spot for the men, with Jeremy Van Dyke switching on autopilot to touch down in second.  Noted in the captain's log was Jeremy's back-one-to-hardway-back-one-out on the Brandywine down bar.

On the women's side, air traffic control awarded Holly Tetzlaf the top honors, as she smoothly landed trick after trick, with TransAM veteran pilot Theresa Kewley claiming second. The piper cub, Kaitlyn Adams, had heads turning as she rode her way into third place.

Once again, special thanks to Brandywine for hosting stop 3 of the 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM tour.  See you out at stop 3 at Angel Fire, NM!

Women’s Results:

1. Holly Tetzlaf


2. Theresa Kewley

3. Kaitlyn Adams

Men’s Results:

1. Avery Erickson

2. Jeremy Van Dyke

3. Eric Rosenberger

Crumb Cruncher (Pint Sized Ripper Award):

Wesley Muresan

Maverick Award (Best Trick): 

Aaron Tufts (Backside 360 to 50-50 on the Oneill Rail)

Crash Landing:

Kaitlyn Adams

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The 2016 TransAM tour would not be possible without the commitment of our partners and sponsors: SALOMON SNOWBOARDS, O'NEILL, GIRO, Waterville Valley Resort, Big Boulder, Brandywine, Angel Fire Resort, Big Sky Resort, Mt Seymour, and Bear Mountain.

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