Trans-Am Mountain High

There’s nothing quite like So Cal shredding. Where else can you surf in the morning, ride in a tee shirt, and get in about 84 runs and hit 326 jibs in one day? Plus, the people watching is fantabulous. Those reasons among others are why we brought the second 2004 TransWorld SNOWboarding Trans-Am presented by Campbell’s Soup At Hand to Mountain High, January 17.

By 8:30 a.m. all the San Gabriel Series USASA contestants were fed a hearty breakfast and registered to compete in the slopestyle event with the chance to be chosen for the Trans-Am held later that day.

Mountain High provided the Trans-Am competitors with some fun obstacles like the blue flat rail, a whoop-d box, and the 30-ft flat box. Man, how fun would it be to have those in your back yard? Kids like seventeen-year-old Mitch Simons were wrecking tricks like switch nose-press to 270 out on the flat box, while the twelve-year-old kid with the best (or worst, you decide) waist long mullet we’ve ever seen did smooth switch 180’s while drinking a Red Bull on the whoop-d box.

To our surprise, the obstacle most wanted to ride was the 22-ft long by 10-ft high, freshly alumi-grated (is that a word?) Smith limo. I guess with tons of product from Quiksilver, Ride Snowboards, Smith, DaKine, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Red Bull, and Zumiez on the line, and a super well built take off and landing, we should’ve known it would be popular.

Riders like second year Trans-Am winner Eugene Mena had tricks like the 270 on to 270 off on lockdown, while third place finisher Rudy Koppen did nose press to 270, and second place rider David Helble rode all the obstacles and made switch frontside boardslides (if I abbreviated that, would it be a S F/S BS? Geez, this is getting complicated) on the blue rail look as easy as walking down the street.

Judges included TWS, Ride snowboards, and Smith reps. DJ Episode spun tunes and announcers Andre Yancey and B-Boy Mookie called tricks and kept the thousands of spectators well informed while keeping the beat. After the hour long jam and the judges tallied the votes, and although every rider put it on the line, only a few could take home the handmade trophies. Others took home some bumps and bruises, but from the knucks being thrown and the smiling faces, it seemed the consensus was it was a day well spent. No pain, no gain, right? Right.

Thanks to the Mountain High staff, the Trans-Am sponsors, DJ Episode, Andre Yancey, B-Boy Mookie, and Jen Gabriel for all the help to put on a fun event.

Sign up for the Vail USASA slopestyle for your chance to compete in the next Trans-Am, February 7!

Mountain High Trans-Am Results

Smith Limo

  1. Eugene Mena
  2. David Helble
  3. Rudy Koppen

Whoop-d Box

Timothy Smith

Blue Flat Rail

Lucas Enos

Overall Girl

Kristin Seitz

Honorable Mention

Bryn Valaika

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