A Recipe For Urban Enjoyment

Photos by Rich Odam

Toronto: it’s the biggest city in Canada, located in the Province of Ontario on the east side of Canada. Toronto gets most of its snowfall thanks to the Lake Ontario effect. The city’s weather can get pretty extreme at times, meaning really hot summers and too-cold-for-comfort winters. Toronto doesn’t usually get as much snow as we all wish it got, but when a snowstorm hits, it hits it good.

What the city lacks in vertical mountain descent, it makes up for with street terrain: rails, ledges, roof drops-you name it and Toronto has it, and most of it has yet to be discovered. Arm yourself with a vehicle, a makeshift drop-in, and shovels; keep your eyes open for spots; and you have a recipe for urban enjoyment.-Rich Odam

Facts About The 416

Toronto is home to the world’s tallest freestanding structure, the CN Tower (1,815 feet high).

Population: 2,500,000.

Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America after Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Toronto has the largest homosexual population in Canada-Pride Week in Toronto is one of the three largest Pride events in the world, along with New York City and Sydney, Australia.

The Toronto Transit Commission is North America’s second largest public transit system.

One half of the United States’ population is within a day’s drive of Toronto.

There are 40,460 water hydrants in Toronto.

Toronto Police Services has 5,028 uniformed officers, including the chief. They patrol the city with 1,228 cars, 138 motorcycles, nineteen boats, and 25 horses.

Locals sometimes pronounce the city’s name “Toronno,” “Trono,” “Toranna,” “Taranna,” or even “Terawhnna.”

There’re many street hotdog vendors located in the downtown core who work all year round, and for a mere two to three dollars, you can get yourself the best “street meat” and soda combo you’ll ever consume.

Unlike most cities, Toronto has three main shopping streets: Yonge Street for electronics, Queen Street for your clothing and accessories, and Yorkville Street for high-end shopping (bring your parents’ Visa).