This week in our TransWorld Top 5’s, we’re showcasing our favorite leather pipe gloves. There’s nothing better than a pair of some baby soft, broken in leather pipe gloves.

1. DaKine Wrangler Gloves


This leather pipe glove is the glove of choice for DaKine team rider Bryan Fox. It features Primaloft insulation so you know your digits will be warm, even in the coldest winter conditions.

2. Celtek Altitude Gloves


This bad larry is super waterproof. It features 10,000 mm waterproofing—that’s about the same as your favorite coat. The Altitude also has a nice leather clasp that keeps all the snow out of your hands. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than snowy hands.

3. CandyGrind The CG Gloves


Not only do the CandyGrind CG gloves look cool, they also do their job really well. Your hands will be nice and toasty thanks to the moisture-wicking micro-fleece lining these guys have.

4.  POW Stealth GTX Gloves


This leather pipe glove isn’t made out of just any leather, it’s made out of the finest goatskin leather on the planet. When this stuff breaks in, oh man, is it soft. The POW Stealth GTX glove is also Gore-Tex, so you know your hands will stay bone dry.

5. Burton Mix Master Gloves


These are not your ordinary leather pipe gloves. Oh no, far from it. These Burton Mix Master Gloves feature a removable wireless iPhone/iPod remote. So now, when you’re wearing these warm, waterproof leather pipe gloves, you can also put on your favorite song.  The device can be controlled from up to 100-ft away just by tapping your glove. The future is trippy …