#5 Mikey LeBlanc Ollie to Flat

Mikey LeBlanc is living proof that age doesn't matter. The veteran pro stepped out from behind his desk at Holden and showed the kids (again) how to go fat-to-flat.

#4 John Jackson Back 10 Double In Alaska

John Jackson is a jumping machine. Teaming up for a trip to Alaska with Travis Rice meant heavy shit would go down. This enormous double is just taste of what's to come in Rice's forthcoming flick, Flight.


#3 Shaun White McTwelve

Shaun's ridiculous double McTwist 1260 is not something we'll be seeing other people doing any time soon. This trick is gold, literally.

#2 Dan Brisse Gap Of Death

Brisse is fearless. The photo and video guys who shot this gap were shaking with fear but Dan was cool as a cucumber. This burly feat got him Absinthe ender and a TransWorld cover.

#1 Torstein Horgmo Triple Cork

Torstein is a pretty mellow dude; except when he's snowboarding. He turned up the heat on fools by casually busting out the world's first triple cork. This video was the shot heard 'round the world.