2011 has now come and gone. While it left many good things, it also brought a lot of bad. These are our top 5 Monday Mallets of 2011.

5. Twist and Turn.

This dude tried so hard to pretzel that he tore his knee in half. Sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know. The comments on this one were awesome, normally I get yelled at cause my mallets aren’t bad enough falls, but with this video I got called out for putting up too gnarly of a fall. I guess you can’t please everyone…

4. Good Look: Jeremy Jones Lobled.

This is another video that got the comment boards attention. I guess sometimes when I (Hondo) voice my opinion about tricks, that is a no-no. Well, that’s ok, because it’s still a pretty funny fall. Just look at the face he’s making.

3. Stair Face Surprise

This guy really wanted this rail. He wanted it so bad. So bad in fact that he was willing to slide his poor face across a lot of stairs, just for the chance that he might successfully get to the end of the rail. Well, there’s always next year I guess.

2. Love For The Ladies

There really isn’t anything that I think is more funny than watching chicks eat shit while snowboarding. Sure, that might sound kind of funny, but just look at this clip! Look at how she totally jibs the box on the top of her head. So funny.

1. Keep Your Nose Up

There might not be anything scarier than catching your nose. You are all pumped, riding in, then all off a sudden. Oh shit, you’re falling. And can’t do anything about it except take it. You have to pay to play I guess…