In the last few weeks we watched so many videos trying to find the top ten tricks of 2011 that for a minute we thought we were going to have to put an order in for those A Clockwork Orange eye splints to wedge our lids open. The list we put together includes what we think are the most progressive jump and jib shots of the year; the ones that out of thousands of tricks viewed, made us stop and rewind; the ones we had to see again.

UPDATE: Due to comments noting the high number of ads versus the short video times, most ads have been removed from this post to improve viewing. Enjoy!

Notable mentions:
Travis Rice’s heli-basket drop-in to frontside 5 to mach-10 switch straight line in The Art Of Flight. 
Jake Blauvelt’s natural backside 5 ender in Naturally.

#10. Alex Oestreng, hardway backside 270.

Totally smooth and total committal.

#9. Xavier De Le Rue, ice ride.

Xavier tries to downplay it but come on, you gotta have some huge nuts to drop in on this.

#8. Halldor Helgason quad kink front board 270 out.

Remember when just front boarding a quad kink was a big deal? That was so Andrew Geeves in Time Well Wasted.

#7. Kimmy Fasani, double backflip.

Kimmy stepped up and threw down one of the few women’s double backie’s to be done in the backcountry.

#6. Jed Anderson, quad kink switch backside lipside.

Wait, that was switch?

#5. Louif Paradis, backside blunt transfer frontside lipslide.

From the man who brought you the Cab 360 switch nosepress and the backside 270 to fakie, another new trick with an even longer name.

#4. Jake Olson-Elm, drifting handplant.

Watching this trick for the first time Jake seems to defy the laws of physics. Even Jon Kooley tripped out when he saw it live—at first glance he figured Jake was on his way to the Monday Mallet of the year instead.

#3. Alex Oestreng, toe edge double rodeo.

UPDATE: TransWorld readers noted that Colin Spencer in fact did a toe edge double rodeo before Alex Oestreng. Just when you thought all the possible corks had been done, Alex Oestreng drops some NDB shit. Peter Line pretty much killed frontside toe edge spinning, including the toe edge rodeo, when he brought in frontside heel edge spins in the early 200os—will Alex bring toe edge back a decade later?

#2. Pat Burgener, switch backside 1440 triple cork

Shortly after Mark McMorris dropped the first backside 1440 triple cork, 16-year-old Pat Burgener did it switch. What’s wrong with kids these days? We blame the internet.

#1. Mark McMorris, backside 1440 triple cork.

Torstein started it last year, Mark took it one step farther. It was this triple that created the template for and inspired Pat Burgener’s.