2012 Top 10: Events

Ah the ole’ snowboard competition. As much as people like to pretend that snowboarding’s not a “sport” there are still some damn cool events. These are our top 10 events from last year.

1.Travis Rice’s Supernatural

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PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen

Travis Rice’s Supernatural that took place at Baldface this past winter was groundbreaking. The top riders from all around the world who you normally wouldn’t see in a contest were in a contest. Nicolas Muller and Gigi Ruf were in a contest! We can’t wait to see what goes down this coming year.

2. The 30th annual Burton US Open of Snowboarding

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PHOTOS: Nick Hamilton

This years Open will go down in history. Not only was it the last year that it will be Stratton, Vermont. But there was just something in the air that made this open special. While it will be missed on the East coast, we know that it will be amazing at its new home in Vail, Colorado.

3. The Ride Shakedown


The Ride Shakedown is one part rail jam and one part big air contest and full blown awesome. It’s been going on for a while and it’s really sick to have a good event in Eastern Canada. We hope it stays for a very, very long time.

4. The Holy Bowly

The Holy Bowly is one of the most unique and awesome events that went down last year. Where else would people get to ride radical hand made snow bowls, other than Japan? We don’t know the answer either.

5. The TransAm Finals at Bear Mountain

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PHOTOS: Ben Birk

The TransAm finals are always a wild time. Last year’s at Bear was no exception. Top am riders from all over the country flock to the TransAm finals to compete for cool stuff, bragging rights, and a little bit of money. This year the finals have been moved to Park City, and we can only assume it’s going to be on point.

6. Last Call

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PHOTOS: Greg Furey

Last Call is the East Coasts event. Eastern Boarder does one hell of a job of getting everyone from the East Coast around to ride some of the best features built all year. Last Call takes place at Loon Mountian, in New Hampishire, but it has also taken place at Mt. Sunapee, and Ragged Mountain. This year it’s only going to better than the past years, so get ready.

7. The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom

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PHOTOS: Scott Sulivan

The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom is just that, legendary. If you haven’t been put it on your bucket list to make it to one. It will change your life.

8. Bonfire’s Pipe to Pipe

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PHOTOS: Nick Hamilton

Bonfire’s Pipe to Pipe has been a Mt. Hood Summer staple for a long, long time. As one of the heaviest events of the summer, it’s also one of the most fun.

9. Hot Dawgz and Handrails


PHOTOS: Nick Hamilton and Cameron Strand

Every Fall people from all over flock to Bear Mountain for Hot Dawgz and Handrails. And there’s a reason they do this, this contest is gnarly. Top ams and pros battle it out on the craziest pre season jib course built anywhere. It’s nuts.

10. The Dirksen Derby

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PHOTOS: Abe Blair

If there’s one way to kick off your season, racing the Dirksen Derby is it. You get to go fast, you get to ride good snow, and you get to kick it with good buds. That’s what snowboarding is all about.


Jake Blauvelt at the Dirkesen Derby. PHOTO: Abe Blair