The Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2016

With over 600 Milion people using Instagram this year, it’s safe to say that Instagram isn’t going anywhere for a while. With the addition of live videos, stories, and a whole lot more potentially useless features, we like to focus on the good stuff: the photography. We’ve again compiled the top 10 most-liked Instagram photos and videos that we uploaded to our @TWSNOW account this year, so you can relive the magic. Don’t forget to hit us with a follow – you never know what the new year might bring, and you certainly don’t want to miss out.

#10 – Heavy Spray

#9 – Markus Olimstad Casual Park Laps

#8 – Iikka Backstrom

#7 – Arthur Longo

#6 – Alaskan Powder

#5 – Pillow Faceplant

#4 – Eero and Heikki RV Session

#3 – Travis Rice Followcam at Baldface

#2 – High Speed Cruising with Bryan Fox

#1 – Frozen Chairlift in Sweden