It’s the time of the year when we tell you what our top 5/10 favorite things have been. Today, we bring you our top 10 favorite board graphics. Check back every day until New Years and see what we were down for, or not down for, during 2011.

1. Bataleon EvilTwin Artist Series.

Petrovsky & Ramone are the two talented artists that put the photo back in graphics. We can smell the art school smoke break hallway from here. With babes that would tempt even the purest saint, and a dog that will tear your Gucci purse off, this graphic definitely taps into your dark side.

2. Burton Monkey Wrench:

Who the f—k doesn't like pizza, especially double pepperoni!? The real question is how much do you tip the delivery guy? $4.20 sounds about right.

3. Capita Stairmaster

Born to win, but dying to lose some weight? Working out sucks, unless you're smoking a cig and watching reruns of Baywatch in the dark. This is one rowing machine that won't wind up in the Craigslist Freestuff section.

4. Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese

What would snowboard hell be like? It would probably involve low visibility, icy jumps, blind landings, unstable rails, and heavy lineups at every crap feature. Wait, that sounds like an East Coast park. Nah, that's just blasphemy.

5. Forum Holy Moly

It's funny that as kids we used brown bags to pack lunch to the hill. Fast forward a few years and it's a liquid lunch, but the same ol' brown bag.

6. NDK Pantone

Really, a Pantone swatch? This is the laziest graphic ever! The designer is either totally out there, or a complete genius! Either way it's on the list because colors are what make a good graphic. Duchamp would be so proud.

7.   Yes Great Boobs

How could Yes better last year's Great Dudes Of History board? Simple, put some boobs on it. #Winning

8. APO Yeah (McBess)

Dear MCBess, thanks for putting a tight graphic on this board! It made the art department want to quit drawing, and join a band. Wait, you do both of those things really well. Looks like that leaves Sunday night bingo at the VFW, Secondhand smoke and dollar beers all night long! Stoked!

9. Gnu Danny Kass (Jeremy Fish)

Switchblades and grenades are illegal. Don't try and bring them over the border from Mexico. A tinted out '70s Van is legal, unless it contains aliens, and not the ones found near Roswell

10.  Lobster The Jibboard STD

Thanks Helgasons bros for your public service announcement. Raising awareness about STDs and ripping park laps at the same time has always been a challenge until now.